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Quality Of Overseas Life: The Top Foreign Living Destinations

Quality Of Overseas Life: The Top Foreign Living Destinations

Expatriate priorities

For many of us, there’s a list of things that are pretty much a necessity when we’re considering the possible destinations for a move abroad.

Understandably, for some, it’s all about the weather. In fact, given that Australia is the top destination for British nationals to live in long-term, it’s a fair bet that one of the factors that counted high in their decision to move there would be the sunshine.

Another important thing for many people is education. If you have school-age children then obviously you want the best education you can possibly give them. And if your intended destination is well regarded in terms of education and school facilities, than that may well be the thing that swings your decision.

Quality of life overseas

Nowhere’s perfect, of course. But there are certain criteria that are universally applicable when assessing the quality of life in cities around the world. Things like the quality of housing, healthcare, the opportunities and facilities for recreation.

People become expats for a very wide variety of reasons, but it’s safe to say that beyond the challenge and excitement of starting life in a new country, one objective of moving is to improve quality of life.

The top cities worldwide for living in

Last year, consulting firm Mercer published its annual “Quality of Living Survey” results – and it’s always an absolutely fascinating read, with the survey for 2012 being no exception.

Top of the rankings is Vienna, which will come as little surprise to anyone who has visited or lived in this immaculate, cultured and well run city.

In the main, the top cities on the liveability list are all places that you’d instantly associate with clean air and pleasant living. Geneva comes in at number 8 in the rankings, and what city could have a cleaner and wealthier image? Maybe not the party destination for the more nightlife oriented among us – but certainly a dream place to work and bring up a family.

The majority of the top 25 world cities in the lost this time round are in Europe, but Auckland, New Zealand and Toronto, Canada both achieve very good placings within the top25. Both places whose image is very much one of clean air and good living, too.

If your city didn’t make the top 50…

Don’t worry – where we choose to live is based on our own set of liveability factors, and for one reason or another, some very liveable cities don’t always make the top placings – be that down to wider economic reasons or whatever. And remember, too, that your city may well be on the up and become one of the top 50 in the next list.

Jen Jones is a health blogger on subjects within the international private medical insurance field as well as stress management and workplace wellbeing.

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