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Ride the World With Ease: Lessons From an Adventure Seeker

Ride the World With Ease: Lessons From an Adventure Seeker

When you find yourself at a soiree standing next to a haughty professor-type, and he steers the conversation to his life-changing trek through Thailand, followed by a climb to the top of Kilimanjaro, jealousy is probably going to erupt.

Millions of Americans go overseas each year, and nine out of ten of them have a blast (that last part was made up, but it’s still probably true).

Unless you have some sort of rare agoraphobia/anti-social disorder that makes you hate broadening your horizons and having a blast, then the odds are that traveling to amazing places is somewhere on your bucket list. If so, it’s time to smash whatever obstacles are holding you back. You don’t need to be a millionaire with an empty schedule to make a million priceless memories in the world at large.

You Don’t Want to Miss a Ride on the Goal Train

The first step in the process of reaching for the stars (or in this case, the much more attainable Great Barrier Reef or The Blarney Stone perhaps) is to establish concrete desires and lay them out. The power of belief in your dreams and desires is as important a part of the process as the desires themselves. Take a moment, close your eyes and picture where you’d want to visit most, daydream every day and your goals will start to become less and less like distant dreams.

Apps like Travel Goal Getter are there to help, allowing you to track and share your travel goals and dreams with others who are in the same situation. Forums, apps and programs like this can also help connect you with people who have achieved their travel goals, and you can learn from their mistakes and benefit from their wisdom, while making your globe-trotting all the more realistic.

Can Can Can You Do the Plan Plan?

After the goal-setting phase you can begin the actual planning phase, where your goals begin to come to fruition. Once you’ve gotten your passport and outlined an ideal itinerary that caters to your imagination and your budget, it’s time to dive into the paperwork. Although the media is plastered with “cheap travel deals” and packages at your disposal, web surfers who are unaccustomed to the ins and outs of travel are at a disadvantage.

That’s why it’s best to connect with an established industry service that has the resources to help you navigate everything from restaurants to walking paths (and they usually have better deals than most main-stream websites). Fortune High-Tech Marketing has an excellent travel service that holds your hand throughout the process. Checking out your local travel agent (if you can find one) is also a great planning tool for efficiency and cost.

Change Your Life, Make Memories That Last

When you’ve gotten to the point where your tickets are purchased, your plans are set and you’ve got FHTM Mobile Connect on standby, the anticipation is enough to keep you up at night with a giant smile on your face (circa a 12 year old on Christmas morning). It’s important to remember that your journey is going to change you, hopefully for the better, and to keep an open mind for whatever culture shock may be on the horizon.

Pack ways to document your trip for your memories. Bring a journal, lots of pens and (unless you’re a professional photographer) make sure to bring a durable camera that won’t break the bank. As you photo-frame your journeys, you can also use apps like Trip Journal to help you organize all the amazing sights, sounds, smells and tastes you encounter.

The world is your oyster, it’s time to make the most of it!

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