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GEAR : RTW MiFi Internet Rentals

GEAR : RTW MiFi Internet Rentals

Flashpackers, vagabonds and even old school backpackers will almost certainly require the internet through out their travels.

This has become more true as technology becomes more mobile and as a result, becomes more of a necessity. Whether your just trying to keep in touch socially, research for bus and train schedules or if your a working nomad – reliable, cheap and constant internet data is still hard to grasp when hopping around countries.

Roaming with your own cell is always an option, if you don’t mind paying thousands of dollars per month. But if you need the internet on the fly and your a flashpacker, XCom Global’s international Mifi rental service is probably your best bet.

There are two different international wireless broadband plans available throughout most countries. The first is the MiFi rentals for creating your own hotspot from $17.95 or a simpler USB modem rental plan only for laptops. Priced at per day and as low as $8 depending on how long you need the rental for while at each individual country. While the prices could add up, it is far less expensive than international roaming and more convenient than hunting for that elusive Wi-Fi connection just when you need it.

- Rent this from $14.95

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