1) Passport

Make sure your Passport is up to date with plenty of pages for Visas and has at least 6 months validity beyond your last expected destination. Order passports here.

2) Visas

Obtain your first destination’s Visa before departure if needed before arrival. Some countries do not allow for on arrival Visas. Apply for visas here.


3) Tickets

Purchase airplane tickets about 3 months in advance for flexibility, pricing and time for additional preparation. Avoid “round the world” tickets at all costs.

4) Packing

Shop for the perfect backpack(s) and keep it less than 45 liters capacity, total. Pack truly the essentials and try trimming it even further.


5) Health

Get a check up with your doctor a few weeks before departure as well as any shots if required by the country. Get travel insurance here.

6) Bank Cards

Make sure your credit / debit cards have plenty of time before expiration. Call your bank and tell them you will be travelling world wide.


7) Accommodations

Book only your first night (or 2) at a hotel / hostel near the airport. Make sure you arrive within the allowed check in times. Book here.

8) Recharge

Charge your body and mind with at least 8 hours of good sleep as well as all gadgets and gear the night before departure.


9) Ride

Confirm your ride to the airport with a reliable source or arrange a call-taxi service the night before departure.

10) Alarm

Set your alarm to at least 5 hours before flight departure. Allow time for last minute preps, packing check and a full meal. Arrive at the airport 2 1/2 – 3 hours before departure.

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