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RV Hire France: France Can Be More Than Just Romantic

RV Hire France: France Can Be More Than Just Romantic

France is the city of love, no doubt about it. But there is definitely more to it than Paris.

A lot of tourists fly to France and just stay in its capital city, without checking out many of the other cities around that are equally nice and breathtaking.

So the next time you visit France, don’t just stay in Paris or the French Riviera. Go out and drive. Explore the smaller villages of France and be twice fulfilled with your vacation.

Plan your itinerary and get your holiday spree going. You can plan a wine tour around the country, schedule a sightseeing itinerary, or create a sporting event escapade. Just choose the things that you enjoy doing best and you’ll be all set.

A wine tour of France may prove to be the most enticing option. Do you know that you can actually spend the night parked in a vineyard? As you can see, you don’t have to look for a campervan if you follow this tour. Just be friendly with the neighborhood winemaker and he’ll surely let your RV in his property for you to stay there overnight.

For a sightseeing trip, the best places to trek are Burgundy and Loire Valley. Out there you’ll enjoy beautiful spots that are worthy of photographs. Burgundy has modern edifices, historical buildings, and natural sights all packed in one. Coming here makes your trip complete. The Loire Valley, on the other hand, is home to France’s loveliest village. It’s a small town with many things to see, including the Princess of the Loire, the Chateaudun, and the La Charte, among many others.

See Loire Valley, France with an RV

See Loire Valley, France with an RV

For all of those who would rather follow the sporting events that France is very popular for, a list of events would prove to be handy. Start with the Tour de France and then go on to see the European Model Aircraft Championships. There’s also the Moto GP at Le Mans and the Monte Carlo Rally to pump up your adrenalin.

All these you can see, explore, discover, and experience if you’ve got the right vehicle to start with. Get yourself an RV hire France and you’ll never be disappointed. With a map in hand, you can be anywhere in France in an instant.

France is great destination to visit and explore. Experience and discover true France with RV hire France and make your trip memorable one with unique experiences.

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