Shrimp Pad Thai, Chang Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand

-Photo by EVASER

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5 Comments on “SHRIMP PAD THAI : PHOTO

  • I’m going to Bangkok, Thailand in August and likely to perform a large amount of shopping. I’m not thinking about the standard malls since i will find that within the U . s . States. Can someone recommend me some marketplaces around Bangkok with a number of products? In Addition, I just finished watching the travel funnel they stated Cha-Ta-Cha was the hugest market. Where’s this place and am I hearing it properly?

  • I love began liking Thai food recently. I have only attempted a couple of things anything else Im simply not sure what need. To date the bathroom I’ve loved happen to be Shrimp Pad Thai, Drunken Noodle, Chicken Ka Bang, and Thai tea. Any recommendations for something to test the next time Time passes are appreciated.

  • Jeanie Roudebush

    Hi, me and my pal are thinking about likely to Thailand, but we actually want to steer clear of the whole crazy sex and consuming scene. What places are you able to recommend , we love to traveling around nations etc. Is also it safe in Thailand to visit from the primary tourist parts?

  • I’m searching for a great hotel to remain at that’s much less run lower but simultaneously is affordable. I would like it to be within easy reach to Nana Plaza in Bangkok Thailand.

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