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How to Spot Suspicious People and Behaviors While Traveling

How to Spot Suspicious People and Behaviors While Traveling

We see people every single day who appear to be suspicious – in the malls, at our schools, in the movie theatres – but today it seems to happen more and more, and these suspicious people seem to cause lots of confusion.

Prime locations for suspicious people to hang out in are places that are busy and seem to have a lot of confusion going on. Those places are our airports, tourist locations, train depots and downtown crowded sidewalks.

These are the place you may not notice that suspicious person lurking around the corner. Because of this, people who travel become the innocent victims of crimes. With some tips, you may be able to spot these suspicious people much easier so that you can stay away from them.

Some people are out there to do nothing but good for others, but many people who are con artists will try to appear helpful so they can get what they want. They may try to tell you that you dropped something and take your purse or wallet while you look away. The best way to take care of these kinds of people is to be very cautious of them. Be careful of people who come to offer help because they may be really only there to help themselves to your things. Politely decline.

When you are in spaces that are not crowded, it’s easy to spot someone trying to follow you. In areas that are very busy, you may not notice a person going everywhere you go, going in the same book store you’re going into, or getting on the same train car you do. If you start to see someone in all the same places, and it seems to be for a while, it’s time to be cautious. You should assume that someone is following you and seek out someone in security to help. You’re much better off being safe than sorry.

Many times, people will behave differently, acting strange, when they are nervous about something that is going to happen or something they are going to do. If you notice someone behaving very differently, if you get the creeps when you see them, get away and stay away. Look for someone around who may be able to check this person out. They may simply be a weird creature by nature, but they could have something in mind that is as suspicious as you think it is.

Body Language
When someone has intentions of purposely misleading you, their body language may say it all. If a person is talking to you and won’t maintain good eye contact something is wrong. They may be trying to hide something if you notice them fidgeting around, turning their head around a look looking around. These are people you want to get away from.

People who act suspicious can be doing something wrong or have a plan to do something wrong, or they are just that type of person. We hate to assume all people have bad intentions, but you should always proceed with caution if you feel someone is going to do some wrongdoing. In cases like this, find a way to remove yourself from those circumstances and find someone to help out.

Adam Marrian writes about travel, safety & more at travelinsurance.org.

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