Stuck In The Matrix? 5 Signs That You Need A Holiday / Vacation!

Stuck In The Matrix? 5 Signs That You Need A Holiday / Vacation!

Do you feel as if you are stuck in the modern day Matrix? You probably think we’ve gone mad but in actual fact there’s a great chance that if you are already reading this, you are leading a life with a reality that society has set upon you.

Intrigued? Here’s the theory. The Matrix today is basically the way we are living life, the things that we do and how we do them. But dig a little deeper and you will see each of our expectations is based on superficial importance; i.e. how we think we should act because of the way society is today, not necessarily how we feel. A great example of this would be money and a successful career, both of which are highly admired in civilisation today.

Break out of the matrix and go travel!

Break out of the matrix and go travel!

Pretty much everyone gets sucked into this lie of life. What about the more important things like love, following your heart, self belief and simply being happy? These just aren’t deemed as important )or practical) anymore.

The even bigger lie is that this is seen as normal! Have you ever felt like there is a gap in your life, as if you are ‘missing something’ or there’s a ‘black hole’. Most people have this incomplete feeling at least once in their life but still do nothing about it. They feel the void, yet don’t fill it.

From a very young age education teaches us how to act effectively in the workplace. The routine for almost every person is go to school, go to further education, get a job and earn as much money as possible.

To put it simply, the whole of your life was mapped out for you. Yes, you may have gone down different paths, but almost everyone follows this route in one way or another.

When you are at a tender age you do what you are expected to because that is doing what you are told. You then develop this sense of belief that this is what you are supposed to do. This is now ‘normal’ to you because ‘everyone else is doing it’.

This can be shown in your adult life to. It is a prime example of when you call working overtime ‘productive’. You don’t get enough sleep and work way too hard but still don’t care about your health – how is this affecting your body? Drinking coffee to stay awake, going to work with a virus, it’s all the same thing! OK, so many of you are probably shouting at the screen now saying ‘We don’t choose to work, we have to!’ but lets reverse that and ask ourselves; do you enjoy your job? If you don’t, then many of you are putting your money and career before your happiness and health, which proves the point this article is making.

Follow your passions, take a holiday! Ditch the so-so boyfriend and wait until love finds you. Don’t want to get married? OK, don’t feel like a failure if you don’t! Follow your feelings. Ever heard yourself say ‘I just need a break’? Well, now is the time to take it and here’s 5 signs (if the above hasn’t already given you enough motive) that you need a holiday:

1) Your children! If you are the lucky parent to young children then treasure it. Do you leave for work in the morning before they have even woken up, and then when you return they are already tucked up in bed? Maybe you have teens or ‘tweens’ and work up town – leaving them to their own devices? They may look like they are adult enough to look out for themselves for a couple of hours until you get home, but really these years are stressful for them too. They might not ‘act’ like they need their parents but in actual fact they need you more than ever. Stability can only be positive and comfort is something we all love to come home to.

2) Do you rely on something other than passion and enthusiasm to keep you going? Coffee, nicotine, drugs or sugar fixes? A short break away from the office and all the other things that come with work such as emails, meetings and phone calls can make the world of difference. When you return back to work you will feel regenerated and can see things for what they truly are. Get some perspective!

3) Have your friends suddenly gone quiet? Not heard from them for a long while, and still too busy to pick up the phone yourself? If talking to someone who once made you laugh now seems like a task to you then these are all signs that you need a holiday with friends and family to rebuild relationships. After all, relationships and friendships need to be looked after too.

4) Is the only exercise you get taking a stroll to the toilet on your busy working schedule or crawling to the coffee machine? Maybe you walk to the printer or photocopier every now and then. Hello! Wake up, look after your health! If you haven’t got health then what on earth will you need the money for? As they say, you can’t take it with you. A holiday can give you the motivation and time to realise going on a long walk can infuse your creativity and state of mind so when you do get back to day-to-day life you can incorporate it more willingly. Remind yourself what living is all about, unless you want to stay in the Matrix forever.

5) Waking up in the middle of the night overcome with worry is without a doubt a sign that you need to take timeout. Do you think about work when you’re on the sofa at home, or check your emails over the weekend or even wake up with work on your mind? It’s time for a relaxation and work detox; some sun, sea and sand can usually solve this.

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