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Survival Travel Guide: The Airport

Survival Travel Guide: The Airport

Have you ever had trouble greeting your holiday destination with a smile due to airport stress? Or have you ever had a great holiday, but it failed to make a lasting impression because your airport experience was so draining? It’s always sad when your happy memories fizzle out due to a flight delay, but sometimes it is the customers who create problems for themselves when they realise that they’re the ones who are unprepared.

Needless to say, travelling by plane requires more planning than a train ride. You probably don’t need to be told that you need to arrive at the airport early. But here are some other things to keep in mind to make all that queuing, waiting and sitting more tolerable.


When it comes to packing, it is important that you only pack the essentials. You can always call ahead to find out what the hotel provides, so there’s no risk of dragging a heavy case of supplies that you don’t need through the airport or of becoming frustrated when you re-pack them on departure day. It’s always easier when you pack light unless you have a very good reason to choose not to do so.

It’s also worth noting that your luggage undergoes a lot of wear and tear over the years. It is even worse when the luggage is handed back to you and you find it is no longer useable due to minor damage. So you’ll want to contact a UK Samsonite supplier or another reliable supplier to get yourself a big, sturdy case that can endure physical mishandling.


There are few things in life as short and yet as unpleasant as passing through the metal detector. For some people, the moment it bleeps can only be met with an irritable sigh. However, you have to do it and therefore it is a good idea to prepare for the procedure, rather than hoping you can get away from it as soon as possible.

A lot of people bring a toiletries bag with them on holiday, hoping it passes security control with minor quibbles. But even if you weigh your hand baggage to check how much liquids you’re carrying, you still have to present the bag for examination at the airport security checkpoint, which holds up the queue.

If you leave all your toiletries at home where they belong, you can skip this process and buy your toothpaste, lotion and soft drinks later, either from an airport shop where they are in the correct sizes or from your holiday destination.

You should also think about dress sense. Wearing slip-on shoes for arrival and departure dates is a good idea in case you ever have to take your shoes off and on again. You can keep your belt on by wearing a non-metallic buckle and if you want to travel from one country’s airport to another and never feel under-dressed for the changes in the weather, you could wear a suit.


Arguably, being in the waiting room is the part everyone looks forward to the least. If you try to reduce boredom by distracting yourself with reading material, you end up amplifying your own sense of boredom. Reading is for pleasure, not for passing the time. If you must read the paper, it is best to save it for the plane.

Instead, set targets for yourself and tick them off a checklist. Transform waiting as a passive experience into an active one. For example, if you get hold of a brainteaser, try and complete it under self-imposed time limits. Once you find yourself adhering to a small timetable of tasks, you’ll find time will fly by very quickly.

Survival Travel Guide: The Airport

Frankie Hughes is a blogger who suggests approaching a UK Samsonite supplier or similar to ensure your luggage is as sturdy and reliable as possible. This will ensure that you possessions will arrive at your destination in one piece, lowering your stress levels throughout the airport process.

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