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The Most Basic Gear To Bring River Trekking

The Most Basic Gear To Bring River Trekking

Going on a river trek is a fun and challenging activity. You get to test your endurance, experience the great outdoors and bond with your trek buddies. However in order to enjoy the trek you gotta bring the right stuff. Otherwise you might not be able to fully relish the experience. If you have never been on a river trek, let me give you a list of the stuff you should bring.

Dry Bag / Sack

Almost as important as your main backpack. Dry bags are used to carry fragile or precious items like; gadgets, passports, documents or foods which protect it from the elements. They are completely waterproof and float even when full.


If you are going to do some outdoor activity the first item you should bring is water. River trekking is strenuous activity. You don’t want to get dehydrated. Just because you are going river trekking doesn’t mean the water there is potable. Don’t just drink water anywhere. There are many water born diseases that can afflict you if you do so.


Trekking is tiring so you shouldn’t forget to bring trail food along. Don’t bring food that is too heavy. Carrying a heavy load will wear you out easily. Just bring energy bars, peanuts, raisins and bread. Basically, trail food. This will give you instant energy to carry on and finish the trip.

Swiss Army Knife

Carrying this around is very useful. You can use this to open up canned goods, rip up cloth for bandage purpose or use it as a tool for a variety of other things.


Even if you don’t intend to trek until night time you never know what’s going to happen. What if you don’t notice the time and before you know it it’s twilight already? This will give you the light you need to move around and guide you to your destination.


A rope can come in handy in case of emergencies. There are times during a river trek when the current picks up suddenly and you might have a hard time crossing the river. You can tie up a rope from one end of the river to another and use this to help you and your friends get to the other side.

First-Aid Kit

Just in case of emergencies, it pays to have an emergency kit around. Bringing a first aid kit will allow you to treat minor gashes or wounds as well provide temporary relief to major wounds.

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