The Promotion Of Tourism In Pakistan

The Promotion Of Tourism In Pakistan

Pakistan is probably not the first place we would be thinking of in terms of a holiday destination. This is a place which for many years has been viewed with some suspicion by visitors from the west. This suspicion has only been heightened by the country’s perceived association with terrorist organisations such as Al Qaeda and many other countries labelling Pakistan as unsafe and unstable.

The fact that Osama Bin Laden was eventually found hiding in Pakistan before his death did not help the country’s reputation.

These events are very unfortunate as Pakistan and its people have so much to offer in terms of culture and beauty. These elements have unfortunately been overshadowed by the negativity which is attached to this hidden gem in the Asian continent.

There have been attempts to encourage more people to consider travelling to Pakistan for their vacation. In fact Lonely Planet has claimed that the country will in fact be the next big thing in the tourist industry. It’s a claim that might just have some credence as tourists seem to be getting the message. The amount of visitors to the country has actually doubled over the last ten years.

However there is a long way to go before the numbers are on the level that used to visit the country in the 1970s on the infamous Hippy Trails where groups would flock to famous locations such as the Khyber Pass, Lahore and Rawalpindi.

Back in the day, it would be quite an adventurous trip advanced technology did not allow visitors to keep dialling back home on international calls to stay in touch, instead people would hop back on the hippy transport and venture out, crossing the border at Ganda Singh Wala.

Amusement Park in Pakistan

Pakistan has always had natural wonders which include numerous mountain peaks reaching over 21,000 ft and have attracted famous mountaineers to the region for many years. There is also a plethora of historical monument s and archaeological ruins with some listed as World Heritage sites.Nowadays, the country seems to be moving with the times and in an attempt to bring in more tourism, has invested in the types of attraction regularly seen in other countries. The Ministry for Tourism has actively concentrated on promoting the country as a viable place to spend a wonderful vacation.

The proposed £20 million amusement park is an example of the determination and conviction instilled within Pakistanis to thrust the country onto the mainstream global tourism scene. The theme park itself will be located in Abbottabad, the city where Osama Bin Laden was captured and killed. This will have nothing to do with the theme park itself as the attraction is all about welcoming foreigners where they will be able to enjoy paragliding, ski ramps, a wildlife zoo, waterfalls and an array of restaurants. It’s an ambitious plan but one which could provide a major contribution to improving the image of the country.

Projects like this are just an example of the Pakistani government’s intention to open the doors to business as well as tourists. The hope is that many jobs will be created as a result and the lives of the locals will be significantly improved as many of the jobs available will be within the reach of the average member of public. Pakistan’s proximity to India could mean that many visitors may choose to visit the country whilst in the region. There may even some joint package deals offered by some travel agents.

Foreign investment will be attracted to a nation which seems to be getting its act together in terms of development. An improved tourism framework is one way of demonstrating this.

This new theme park should indeed be a success as the Pakistani people want their country as a whole to succeed. Pakistan is certainly a beautiful place ready to show all visitors from abroad that it’s a country which is well and truly open for business!

Author: Jenny has travelled across Asia and kept in touch with many people on her travels through the services at Now Jenny would like the opportunity to see new tourist attractions built, do you think this new development will work?

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