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DESTINATION : The Twelve Apostles

DESTINATION : The Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles is a natural formation of several limestone stacks protruding from a lavish beach opposite of a wall of vertical cliffs. Located on the shores of the Port Campbell National Park right off Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. Thankfully, the actual attraction has been left untouched with just the outer surroundings constructed with boardwalks, viewing areas and parks for tourism purposes. As the Twelve Apostles’ unique formations were the cause of erosion, that which made them so beautiful will also eventually destroy them. In 2005, one of the 50 meter stacks collapsed leaving just 8 left. If your doing a typical backpacking loop route of Australia, chances are you will be passing through Victoria. If so, The Twelve Apostles must not be missed.

-coordinates: 38°39′57″S, 143°06′16″E

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