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5 Things to Do in Birmingham Without Spending a Dime

There’s no doubt that a trip across the pond is expensive. When you factor in airfare, accommodations and meals, the price of a trip to England can be off-putting.

If you’ve saved up for your trip but are wondering if you’ll have enough money left over for entertainment, there’s no need to worry.

There are hundreds of things to do in England that won’t cost a single pound.

Here are five free things to do in Birmingham, one of the coolest cities in the country:

Kingsbury Water Park

Kingsbury Water Park, Birmingham + Backpacking

Kingsbury Water Park, Birmingham, England + Backpacking

The name “water park” brings to mind visions of water slides and wave pools, but you won’t find such things at Kingsbury. What you will find at Kingsbury is over 600 acres of lakes and green space. Within the park’s beautiful boundaries are two play areas for the kids, a mini-railway, a café and an information center. While there are activities in the park that require payment, you can easily spend an entire afternoon in these gorgeous surroundings without once having to open your wallet.

Weoley Castle Ruins

Weoley Castle Ruins, Birmingham + Backpacking

Weoley Castle Ruins, Birmingham, England + Backpacking

The castle and grounds are free to tour and provide a wealth of photo opportunities. The ruins of the castle and its outbuildings are over 700 years old and absolutely fascinating. Spend an afternoon pretending that you and the family are the owners of all that you survey as you channel your inner royalty. It won’t be hard for your children to get into the spirit when they view the moated ruins of the manor house.

Victoria Square

Victoria Square, Birmingham + Backpacking

Victoria Square, Birmingham, England + Backpacking

Victoria Square is known throughout the country as one of the most beautiful public squares in Britain. Stop by for an hour or two and you’ll soon understand why. The beautiful square is only trumped by the amazing opportunities that it presents. Spend the afternoon people watching, roaming through shops or admiring the gorgeous architecture that virtually screams “England.”

Birmingham Cathedral

Birmingham Cathedral, Birmingham, England + Backpacking

Birmingham Cathedral, Birmingham, England + Backpacking

You’ve not truly seen a cathedral until you visit one in the great country of England. The stone architecture of these cathedrals is truly breathtaking, and the Birmingham Cathedral is no exception. Walk through the cathedral at your own pace, taking in the intricate details of the carved stone and beautiful windows. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the work and time that went into building this masterpiece.

Lickey Hills Country Park

Lickey Hills Country Park, Birmingham, England + Backpacking

Lickey Hills Country Park, Birmingham, England + Backpacking

From herons fishing for their lunch on the lake to eagles hunting across open fields, there is no end to the amazing sights you and the family will see in this gorgeous park. You and the kids can stop to feed the ducks, take a ride on the swings or tour the visitors’ center; all for free. When you enter the park, be sure to find a ranger who can provide you with a free map of the grounds.

Even though getting to the United Kingdom may be expensive; you don’t have to spend thousands of pounds once you get there. With the number of things to do for free, you can enjoy a whole day spending absolutely no money for activities. Be sure to visit the five attractions above, and search out more free things to do on your own. Remember: part of the fun of vacationing is the opportunity to discover new things.

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Jill Rich is a freelance writer living in New York City. She writes for www.birminshgamairportparking.org where you can find the cheapest airport parking in Birmingham.

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