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7 Tips For Finding Furnished Apartment Rentals While Traveling

7 Tips For Finding Furnished Apartment Rentals While Traveling

Traveling to a new place for school, work or holiday reasons typically means finding a new place to live.


Though most people consider renting an unfurnished apartment, reserving a hotel or buying a house under these circumstances, the hidden efficiency and value of a furnished suite may provide the least stressful and most economic choice for meeting these housing needs.

Saving Time and Resources on Moving

A furnished suite frees a person from the hassle of having to either pack and move their old furniture or buy and deliver new items. A guest saves money on moving and shipping costs or the price of a new couch and bed.

Business Travelers

For business travelers, this option is particularly attractive compared to a traditional hotel room in terms of amenities and cost. An occupant has all the benefits of home, including a kitchen and private patio, as well as the space and comfort to focus on work as well as recharge after a long day. In addition, the extra space makes it conducive for business occupants to accommodate their family during the trip.

Environmental Benefits

With a furnished room, furniture, kitchenware and other appliances and resources are used for longer periods of time. This green practice is sustainable and conserves resources instead of disposing of old furniture and items with new ones, preventing unnecessary waste.

Just Like Home

Many furnished suites offer the flexibility to add personal touches and items to make the space feel more like the inhabitant’s own home. Even though the majority of the furniture in the space is the owner’s, an occupant has the freedom to design, decorate and incorporate new items into the space.

No Decorating Drags

If the occupant doesn’t enjoy decorating or finding new items for the space, having it already furnished saves time and energy for the guest. They have the freedom and money saved to pursue their work or other areas of interest.

Vacation Getaways

Individuals and families traveling find the arrangement attractive. It reduces their overall housing and meal costs and gives them a more authentic connection with the place they are visiting. They can cook meals instead of eating out all the time, and have access to all of the amenities offered in a hotel like fitness centers, swimming pools and cable television.

Digital Directory

A medley of options for finding a furnished unit are available in the digital world. From web directories and social networking sites to mobile applications, someone interested in finding a space is simply a few clicks away. The majority of listings offer photographs, testimonials and telephone contacts. In many cases, reservations can be made online with a major credit card.

Although not traditionally considered the first choice for accommodation needs in a new place, furnished suites offer a creative solution for housing that is affordable, sensitive to the environment and saves money. Business travelers, families on vacation or someone new to a location may find this option provides the best value for their housing needs.

Emmy Fraser is a Toronto based travel blogger. Furnished apartments are her first choice of lodging when traveling abroad.


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