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Helpful Reminders for New Backpackers

Helpful Reminders for New Backpackers

With the rising cost of travelling these days, it pays more and more to backpack travel.

With backpacking, you need not stay in grandiose and expensive hotels nor eat in fancy restaurants; in fact it is not recommended: the service staff just might look at you down their noses, thinking you cannot afford the tip. Backpackers have more fun with simple bakeshops and hostels, anyway.

So if you are truly eager to sample the adventures of a backpacker, here are ten simple reminders to help you on your way.

Confused Backpackers

Confused Backpackers

1) Prepare yourself.
Condition your body to take on your load for a long while. Meaning, exercise to get that beer flab off and give yourself stamina to walk for miles. You might need to where you’re going.

2) Prepare your gear and pack light.
Nice, comfortable walking shoes (use them a few times to get comfortable in it), strong but light backpacks (look for those fitted with metal supports) are musts for starters. Pack the least number of clothes you can travel with. A good article to bring along is a sarong. It can be your blanket, changing room, skirt or clothes, bath towel, and sun covering when needed, without adding much weight to your load. It is a versatile travel item.

3) Study your destinations.
You can find almost any information you need online, so use it to explore your points of destination, accommodations, people, places of interest, and where the nearest supermarkets, groceries or marketplaces are, as well where you can call or send messages from.

4) Bring along a notebook to write down your impressions or feelings for the day.
Your experiences will fade away as time goes and new ones replace them. If you note down what you saw, felt, heard and witnessed for the day, all will come back to you later if you have reminders.

5) Get insurance.
Travel insurance specifically for backpackers is a vital element for backpack travelling. No matter how careful you were in planning your trip, some things are bound to go wrong, and it is good to be covered when they do.

6) Go with a buddy.
While solo travelling is okay and fun, going with a friend is better in terms of safety, enjoyment and companionship. You have someone to chat with in your own language, share opinions with about anything during the trip, help decide about matters, and it is reassuring in the night to hear a familiar snore near you.

7) Don’t carry much cash. You might simply lose it, if not to fiends then inadvertently. Better to have two cash cards, travelers’ checks, or anything replaceable if lost. Use a money belt or small bag to put your valuables in, but not all of them there, in case you drop or lose it.

8) Periodically call home.
Inform someone at home or your friends where you are, what you are doing, and where you intend to go when you have time. That way they can help when it is needed.

9) Find mutual friends.
Your friends might have friends in your destination you can call up to meet or help you get around. They might offer free lodging and some lunch or dinner to boot, which can help you save travel money. At the very least you get a new friend.

10) Finally, safety first.
If you are not comfortable with how things look or feel where you are, go away, back to your hostel or go to a public place. Crime takes many disguises, and often it can be very enticing. Be wary; you are a stranger and unfamiliar with the environment. Better be safe than sorry.

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