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Tips for Surviving Traveling with a Group this Summer

Tips for Surviving Traveling with a Group this Summer

Traveling with a group of people can either make or break your vacation. Even though a group vacation has the potential to be a great time, there are definite challenges when traveling with a large party. Here are some tips to make your group vacation a positive experience:

Call Ahead

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the places that you decide to visit are prepared to handle a group. If you descend upon an establishment without any advance notice, you may not get the reception that you were hoping for. Make sure that you call ahead before you stop at any venue that isn’t set up for a consistent influx of large groups. Calling ahead will give the venue time to prepare for your arrival and ensure that your experience is a positive one.

Look for Discounts

You’ll be surprised at just how many places will offer your party a group discount. Do the research ahead of time and you can find great places to eat, stay, and visit on the cheap. If you can’t find any advertised discounts, contact the places you are interested in directly. You can often receive discounts just by asking if a hotel or restaurant is willing to offer coupons or vouchers for your group.

Wear the Same Shirts

Dressing alike may make you feel like a student at first, but wearing the same clothes will make your group members easy to spot in a crowd. If your group will be attending a busy event or popular attraction, you’ll have an easier time keeping track of the people in your group if everyone is wearing the same t-shirt.  For some added fun, consider making personalized t-shirts just for your group.

Split Apart

There will be times on your vacation when not every person in the group will want to see the same thing or visit the same place. Splitting off into small groups will allow everyone to have the perfect vacation experience. The easiest way to accomplish this is to create a daily itinerary with different options. For instance, you may want everyone to share the same breakfast, choose their activity afterwards, and then come back together for lunch.

Alone Time

Alone time is an important part of any group vacation. No matter how well the members of your group get along, each person has their own interests and desires. If you make an itinerary, include time each day for people to go off and do their own thing. Also make it clear to your group that participation in activities is not mandatory, though a certain number of people may be required for a group discount at some attractions.

Traveling as a group can enhance your vacation. Shared experiences are a benefit of taking a vacation with other people. Make sure you look for any desired discounts before you leave, order the same colored T-shirt for every member of the group, and plan an itinerary that is varied and interesting. If you follow these tips, your group vacation will be everything you hope it will be.

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Kim Wilson is a fashion-forward freelance blogger, who likes making personalised t-shirts for her friends and family. Click here to order materials to make identical shirts for your travel group.

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