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Top 10 Tips To Avoid Metal Detector Beeps At Airports

Top 10 Tips To Avoid Metal Detector Beeps At Airports

One of the most embarrassing experiences at the airport is when the metal detectors go off – not only embarrassing, but also worrying as you quickly run down an imaginary checklist of what you are wearing or carrying which could be setting off the detector.

One of the most common reasons for the metal detector at the airport pinpointing you as a suspect by bleeping is leaving loose change in your pockets. All items now have to removed from pockets at the airport, but loose change can cause holes in the linings of pockets and very easily end up in the hem or lining of your jacket or coat without you being aware of this, so always check the lining and hems of any clothes you are wearing before you set off for the airport.

To avoid a red face and the humiliation of a body scan in public, here are some tips for sailing through the airport metal detector and into the Duty Free without a red face:

  • Remove all coins from pockets and check linings and hems for stray coins.

  • Do not wear clothing with metal buttons, rivets, zips, toggles, clasps, etc – it may look nice, but you will set alarm bells ringing.

  • If you have a metal replacement joint such as a knee or hip, you will need a doctor’s letter to show to security at the airport, as it is almost certain that you will set off the metal detectors in grand style and simply explaining to security will be not be enough (especially if you are overseas and there is a language barrier at the security desk involving pointing to body parts). If you are wearing a prosthetic limb containing metal or have a leg or arm pinned with a plate, you may also need to show a doctor’s note – pacemaker wearers should have an ID card to show airport security.

  • Don’t forget that metal underwires in bras can set off the metal detectors – awkward if you have to explain and prove it.

  • If you have pierced ears, it is also a good idea not to put in metal earrings before leaving for the airport – wait until you are on holiday to wear your best earrings.

  • All jewellery must be removed at airport security desks, so place this securely in the zipped compartment of your bag before you go through – put it in a small make-up bag or even a plastic food bag with a zip seal and put it back on when you reach the departure lounge.

  • Don’t wear shoes with metal eyelets, decorations, buckles etc – and also avoid shoes with built up heels or platform soles, as these will have to be removed before you go through the metal detector and checked by airport security.

  • Don’t forget about items like spectacles, tie-pins, collar stiffeners, tie-studs, metal armbands, cufflinks, suspenders, safety pins, brooches, etc.

  • Belts with metal buckles will have to be removed.

  • Metal pens in your top or breast pocket are easy to forget about, so make sure you really have emptied all your pockets.

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