Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Singapore is worth visiting for its sheer diversity and the opportunity to experience some of the most cutting-edge tourist attractions in the world.

Singapore itself is an island nation that forms part of a number of other islands in South East Asia, and is near to Indonesia and Malaysia. Visitors can take in Singapore’s many ethnic neighbourhoods, and can explore its neighbouring islands, the marina and offshore resorts.

Formerly a British colony, Singapore today is one of the world’s most tourism driven cities, and rewards a long stay to take in some of its varied attractions.

Some of the best include:

1) National Museum of Singapore

National Museum of Singapore + Backpacking

National Museum of Singapore + Backpacking

Opened in 1849, the National Museum of Singapore showcases the history of the island and the surrounding region, and is one of many museums in Singapore, which also include the Asian Civilizations Museum and the Singapore Art Museum. Most of the National Museum of Singapore is given over to exhibits about the development of Malay culture, as well as ethnographic and zoological exhibits. The Museum has long been the home for research into South East Asia, and includes rare artefacts like the Singapore Stone and early photography collections.

2) Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Garden + Backpacking

Singapore Botanic Garden + Backpacking

Although smaller in size than Kew Gardens in London, the Singapore Botanic Gardens are one of the most peaceful and varied attractions on the island. Open from 5am to midnight, there is no admission fee to get in (although you will have to pay a small fee to enter the National Orchid Garden). The Gardens were developed in the 19th century, and adapt a tropical rainforest to include orchid houses and herbariums. Key attractions include the Tan Hoon Siang Misthouse, as well as the Coolhouse, which recreates a forest. The Gardens also hosts libraries and plant breeding centres at Tanglin Gate.

3) Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet Singapore + Backpacking

Wild Wild Wet Singapore + Backpacking

Singapore’s premier water theme park, Wild Wild Wet features multiple rides and family entertainment. Rides include Slide Up and Ular-Lah, a raft slide, as well as wave pools, playgrounds and pools for younger children. The park can be reached via the subway, and is located in Downtown East, near to the Escape Theme Park. Other theme parks in Singapore include Universal Studios on Sentosa Island.

4) Boat Quay and Clarke Quay

Boat Quay and Clarke Quay + Backpacking

Boat Quay and Clarke Quay + Backpacking

The renovation of Singapore’s historical quay and port has resulted in an area of shops, restaurants, bars and clubs. Boat Quay and Clarke Quay are notable examples of this process, and include many converted buildings and warehouse sites. The area is particularly recommended for its nightlife, as well as for its more unique attractions. These include a reverse bungee jump, river cruises and some of Singapore’s best nightclubs.

5) Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island, Singapore + Backpacking

Sentosa Island, Singapore + Backpacking

15 minutes away by boat from Singapore, Sentosa Island is a dedicated resort that features beaches, surfing, restaurants, food and shopping. Leading attractions include the Imbiah Lookout tower, as well as an entertainment hub at VivoCity. The island also includes golf courses and luxury hotels, as well as viewing galleries at Tiger Sky Tower an the Merlion Statue, and examples of colonial history at Fort Siloso.

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  • My family and I are going to Singapore next week but sadly the weather forecast says there will be a high chance of rain and some thunder storms. Its too late to not go because we have the tickets, and honestly I am just happy to get out of my home for a bit.

    I was wondering if anyone knew if the Singapore Zoo or other attractions would still be open or if there are other things that we could do when its raining. I heard Snow City has just opened there. Any other suggestions?

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