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It’s not a Tour; It’s an Experience

It’s not a Tour; It’s an Experience

“The Road Taken, or the Road Not Taken,
That is the Question”

The prospect of traveling generally gets the to-be traveler in an excited, anticipatory mood; he or she just can’t wait to get to Rome and see the Coliseum! Sure, if you’re traveling as a part of a conventional tour group seeking out all the popular sights and landmarks, you’ll get to make that postcard image in your head come to life, for the Coliseum will be right in front of you, commanding your eyeballs to marvel.

Famous mega-structures are spectacular and worth seeing, but don’t limit yourself only to what you’ve seen and read about in hard copy travel book after travel book. Better yet, make your own, never-before-seen travel book–in digital form!

The internet and mobile device technologies that bloomed and boomed during the end of the first decade of the Twenty-First Century can now help you to take the road not taken or, if you’d like, the road most often taken.

The vastness of the internet is an agent for liberty and discovery while abroad. Whether with a group or your family and friends, the course for your own unique travel experience is just a click–or tap–away!

“Traveling at the Speed of Smart Device Light”

Access and convenience are available like never before. For today’s traveler, fumbling through paper maps and flipping through to one of the many dog-eared pages of your pocket-sized–or, as in some cases, atlas-sized–travel guide are things of the past, literally. Granted, just as with any transition from the inchoate to the fully realized, the gradual adaptations from the page to the screen, in this case, the times must meet the demands of the traveler, and likewise.

Free from the former constraints of book-binding glue, the pages of your Frommer’s can now glow like beacons in the palm of your hand. Speaking of Frommer’s, the trusted name in travel guidance can now be found in your iPad or iPhone thanks to the San Francisco-based company, inkling. A service that has made it possible to convert your once page-bound travel guide into a pageless source of data, inkling presents theFrommer’s Day by Day app.

Whether you want to watch the multitudes of pigeons fly and strut in Venice’s St. Mark’s Square or get some delicious coffee flavored gelato at the nearby gelateria, you have choice and freedom like never before. All of the helpful and thorough travel information and assistance expected to be found in the Frommer’s of yon can now be found in a one-stop smart device app. And what’s great about the app is, it’s free!

“Use it, Don’t Lose it”

Don’t further water your crop of gray hair by frustrating yourself over cumbersome book-wrangling. Save the pteredactyl wing-sized map for under the passenger seat–or stuffed in the darkest corner of your trunk. As the tour guide with the megaphone tries to herd you into the gift shop at the Vatican, open up your smart device’s intuitive, easy-to-use Frommer’s, Michelin Guide, what have you, and get to where you really want to go: away from it all.

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