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TRAVEL APP : TripLingo Romance Translator For iPhone

TRAVEL APP : TripLingo Romance Translator For iPhone

The iPhone App Store has countless language translator apps for every spoken word but the TripLingo Romance Edition focuses only on the language of love.

This very well designed app is slick, easy to use and actually quite useful. Each of the 1000 common romantic and flirty phrases (not cheesy pickup lines) pack variations in well spoken audio in 10 languages; Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Hindi & Castilian Spanish. There is even a setup where you can choose your favorite languages and more importantly, the level and type of romance you want to use.

“TripLingo educates you in the international languages of love.”

If your an iPhone user and traveling abroad with it, there is a likely chance a few language translator apps are installed and now its time to get a romance translator with this handy little travel app. Other features include custom phrase lists, flash cards, cultural info on love, badge system, a word bank for each language and a “Glossary of Love”.

The TripLingo Romance Edition is a must download for any single traveler.

$1, but currently free for a limited time.

TripLingo Romance Edition - TripLingo, LLC

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