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Hopscotch Across the Globe with House Sitting

Hopscotch Across the Globe with House Sitting


Becoming location independent is usually a fleeting dream of the general population. If you’re not rich, own a jet plane and have a job that requires a lot of travel, the average person is usually stuck in a routine of necessity; unless you’ve come across a paid house sitting job. Besides the few and fleeting holidays that most employed individuals are entitled to, the expensive mandate of going abroad can consign even the most adventurous spirit to their home-turf.

Whether you’re nomadic or you’re just looking for a change of job scenery, house sitting might just be the vocation for you.

5 Reasons to House Sit For Travel?

  • Expenses: This is an easy one. Cutting down on your own utilities is just one of the many benefits of luxury house sitting service opportunities. You can down-scale your electricity bill while staying in superior accommodation to your own.

  • Income: If you’re starting out in the house sitting business then you’ll want to start small first. Earning some extra cash on side, you can build up a profile and reference-list until the offers start pouring in. From earning $500 a week to maintain someone’s property to earning the same amount for a 9-5 corporate post, you’ll be able to see why this type of employment can be so attractive.

  • You’re not alone: The best thing about being a house sitter is signing up with a portal service. Surrounded by a group of professional house-sitters, you’ll learn all the best tips and tricks, rub shoulders with a variety of clients and find the best positions all online.

  • Get used to nomadic living: Embrace the lifestyle of a globe-trotter. If you’re flexible and willing to give up some of the comforts of a consistent routine, you’ll find yourself working and living outside of your suitcase and learning to let go of the permanence that is attached to living and working in one space for long periods of time.

  • Don’t be easily discourages: International house sitting, like any other exciting vocation, can take time and effort to secure. Pursue it till it is no longer viable for you to do so. You will either end up with an assortment of house sitting jobs lined up or you will end up with few and far between moments of bliss, where you can pack your bag and escape your life for a weekend or two.

  • A hotchpotch profession that isn’t for those attached to the security of permanent employment, house sitting is what you make of it. For better or worse, for long-term or short-term; looking after luxurious properties, not your own, is a freeing experience that promises a new adventure each time round.

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    About the author

    A part of a large group of house sitters London, Bella Gray has started a travel journal to document each of her travelling experiences. Looking to join another group of house sitters Sydney to further broaden her job horizons.

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