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A Starter’s Guide to Skiing in Bavaria

A Starter’s Guide to Skiing in Bavaria

Bavaria has long been known for its unique culture, exciting attractions and magnificent landscapes. This southern region of Germany is also home to some of the world’s best ski resorts.

These resorts feature fresh powder, an adequate number of lifts as well as plenty of nearby restaurants and lodging facilities. If you ever need to find an affordable place to stay check out Bavaria vacation rentals on Live Like a German.

Here are seven of the top recommended ski resorts in Bavaria:


If you wish to ski Bavaria Germany, this beautiful resort should definitely be at the top of your list. This pristine resort features all-natural powder throughout the entire year. Ski slopes can be found suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers. This resort is also the perfect place to enjoy cross-country skiing and snow inner tubing.


Located just one hour from the airports in Munich and Salzburg, this ski resort is particularly popular with tourists from all around the world. The resort’s ski lifts are able to transport up to 2,000 people per hour! Stunning views of Mount Wendelstein can also be seen from this location.

Garmisch Classic-Skigebiet

This resort sits at the point where Alpsitze, Hausberg and Kreuzeck join. These three mountains feature a variety of ski runs suitable for skiers of every level. You can also ski on some of the slopes that have been used to stage Olympic and World Cup events.

Nebelhorn Ski Area

Located just outside the city of Oberstdorf, this charming ski resort is another great place to visit while on a ski Bavaria Germany holiday. If you are a beginner, there are plenty of runs suitable to your level. You can also try paragliding if you are in a more adventurous mood.


There are actually two ski areas near this resort town. Südelfeld, which is the larger of the two, is one of Germany’s most famous ski areas and features more than 20 ski lifts. The smaller ski area known as Wendelstein is the place to go if you are a higher level skier looking for runs with sharper verticals.


This ski resort attracts some of the best skiers from around the world. It has also served as the site of many top ski events. This is the perfect place to visit if you are an avid snowboarder. You can also enjoy other winter sports like bobsledding and luging while at this resort.

Brauneck Lenggries

Just a short drive outside of Munich can take you to this breathtaking resort. Signs posted at the resort’s base make this ski area easy to find. There are even special lifts specifically designated for children if you happen to be traveling with little ones. The resort also features several different restaurants and lodges.

Skiing at these resorts while visiting Germany gives you the chance to experience some of the best slopes and powder in the world.

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