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Traveling Tips for International Travel Newbies

Traveling Tips for International Travel Newbies

Finally going overseas to the destination you have been dreaming about for years? Each year millions of people get away from it all and journey to other places. Touring different parts of the world can be a form of escape, an adventure, a catharsis, relaxation, a hobby, bonding or even just pure business. Whatever reasons you may have, it is very important that you first look after your safety.

Places you plan to go most likely will be very different in customs and mannerisms than your own country. There are so many differences that you may encounter in other places, expecting them in the first place will help to keep you in line and away from harm. Here are some traveling tips that will help you to prepare and guide you through your journey to other places.

Confused Backpackers

Confused Backpackers


Packing Wisely

With regards to the things you will carry, bring only the things that you need and try to minimize the non-essential items. Do not forget your medicine and vitamins such as Airborne. In addition, you should know the places and activities you are going to visit so that you will know the type of clothes and shoes you are going to pack. There is nothing worse than getting excited to have a new experience only to be disappointed because your choice of attire and footwear are making you so uncomfortable. Also, roll your clothes instead of folding them to save space and with fewer wrinkles.
When you have backpacks, put lighter materials at the bottom and heavier ones at the top to help your back out. Having some strong plastic bags will also come handy when you need to put in dirty or wet things. It is also useful if you carry a bag with all the necessary “first aid” items you may need.

Protecting Your Information

Another good travel tip concerns your documents especially with your financial and other paper details. Make sure to have a copy of your passport information, passport photos and copy of your travel itinerary as well as your “lost card” telephone numbers. Save them in a secure e-mail account just to be safe. Also, always label or put a name tag together with your contact details, home and destination addresses in your luggage. If your luggage gets temporarily displaced, the airline employees will be able to see the number and address of the hotel you are staying at.

Travel Alerts and Warnings

Before setting your foot in other country or place, it is vital that you check the most recent travel alerts of your destination to have knowledge of the local issues. Do some research on the passport and visa requirements for entering and exiting the country. Visit the websites of the CDC and Department of State to learn about health and security issues that are necessary for getting an overall idea of the risks and expectations that you may deal with. In connection to this is the importance of having travel insurance that will protect you in case something unfortunate happens with the activities you want to perform.


Exercising Common Sense

Also, give your family or friend a copy of your itinerary to let them know your destinations and activities. Equally important is to know and obey the laws. Even if you think a local custom or law is silly, you should still respect the country you are visiting since you are a guest. Also find out the location of your embassy. If you run into trouble, you can report to your embassy right away.

Although you may want to have a care-free attitude while you enjoy your trip, you still need to be aware of the people in your surroundings. Be responsible of your own actions as well, most especially limiting the amount of alcohol you consume around strangers who may have less than honest intentions. Take note of these traveling tips to help you plan for your international vacation.
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