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Turn Your Long Haul Flight Into A Breeze

Turn Your Long Haul Flight Into A Breeze

If you really need to get away from it all, you will have to deal with a long haul flight at some point. You may well have visited all of the nice places within a thousand miles of your home. It seems that the really special places have been moved far away, just to make some extra cash for the airlines!

But seriously, a long haul flight can really take it out of you, and you will need some energy for your holiday destination. This article shows you some ways that will make you feel a little fresher for your arrival.

Water Matters

You need to ensure that you are already nice and hydrated before your long haul flight, drink plenty of water the night before the flight. Avoid the temptation to sink a few well earned nightcaps, they will only add to the overall jetlag you will probably suffer. You will have many opportunities to catch up with your partying ways after you arrive at your resort. You are not allowed to bring water on long distance flights any more but ask the cabin staff for a few extras after you take off.

Free Coffee And Booze

You will be offered plenty of both of these during your long haul flight, unless you book a cheap package trip! No matter how rude it may seem, please resist the temptation to accept either. The alcohol may feel; great at the time, and it may even encourage you to fall asleep.

But the side effects will not worth it, you will further dehydrate yourself and will spoil at least the first two days of your wonderful holiday. There have been reports of some youngsters visiting Rome for the weekend only to overdo it on the flight and end up in bed for most of the trip! Hot tea is ok but avoid its caffeine cousin until you have landed safely.


Natural sleep is an excellent way to defeat the effects of jetlag, but it can be difficult to do so in a cramped seat. For those with unlimited finances, the flatbed option of first class is absolutely fabulous. Back in the real world, you need to think of a way to help you sleep in “creature class”.

If you do some strenuous exercise about three hours before the flight, this will probably make it easier to fall asleep, also bringing some comfortable slippers and your own blanket usually do the trick. Just don’t be tempted to drag your favorite duvet along, it will probably not go down too well!

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

If you are fortunate enough to be able to have a snooze without any trouble, just remember that you will also need to give your circulation a fighting chance at some point. Set your alarm for every 90 minutes and get up to stretch your legs, it will work wonders against any DVT onset. Combine this with a toilet break and raid the fridge for some more water while you are down there.

Other Sleep Aids

Some people find it hard enough to sleep in a bed, let alone a tiny little seat. You may need some extra help for your required nap, think about this before your flight. Go to the chemist and ask for some lavender essential oil. This should have you sleeping like a baby in no time at all, but just remember to change out of your slippers before you leave the plane!

Craig Mcmillan is a businessman. He regularly travels by aircraft and often been on long flights. Over the years he has devised ways to keep himself occupied on a long flight and shares the same in today’s post. In terms of service efficiency, he finds the airport parking in Melbourne one of the best in the world.

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