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Vacationing on the Beaches of Port Stephens

Vacationing on the Beaches of Port Stephens

White sandy beaches, dormant volcanoes, and brilliant resorts and spas are all used to describe the beautiful Port Stephens.

It is no wonder that international vacationers have decided to visit Port Stephens more than other beaches in Australia.

The shoreline offers a welcoming embrace to people who wish to travel to an affordable, yet luxurious location.

Best of all, the wide array of fish and marine wildlife has brought interested travelers from across the globe. The most diverse marine region on earth is waiting for you to visit. What are you waiting for?

Marine Wildlife Attractions

Naturally, one of the most unique aspects of Port Stephens is the many great opportunities to enjoy the marine wildlife attractions in the area. There are a number of specialty species that call the Port Stephens area home.

One of the places where you can see some of these specialty marine wildlife species is the Port Stephens Great Lakes Marine Park, which was established in 2005 to showcase many of the unique fishes of the area.

Pineapple fish at Port Stephens

Pineapple Fish

One of the most famous fishes is the Pineapple fish, which is almost exclusively a fish in the Port Stephens area. As one can imagine, this beautiful fish resembles a pineapple. In following with the fruit theme, there is a passion flower feather star that also inhabits this region exclusively.

For those who are interested in unique seahorses, sharks, and eels, there are a number of specialties in the Port Stephens region as well. The Crested horn shark is a well-known species that inhabits the area as is the saw-tooth Moray eel and White’s seahorse. Rounding out the family of specialty Port Stephens’ species is the eastern Fiddler Ray.

While there is so much more to Port Stephens, the unique wildlife is one of the most beautiful spectacles a traveler will see.

Relaxing and Dining

If you are looking for a great way to relax, the Port Stephens spas and resorts are the way to go. For years they have provided thousands of visitors with an excellent escape from the worries of the world. If you enjoy a nice relaxing beach trip instead of visiting a new attraction constantly, then Port Stephens spas and resorts are for you.

Grab a Drink and Have a Seat

Beaches aren’t always well known for their wine and beer, but Port Stephens is one of the best wine heavens in Australia. Homegrown wine and imported fare are all brought together to offer vacationers the best selections of the tastiest wines. If you prefer beer or other mixed drinks there are bar tenders all across the shoreline that can offer you exactly what you are looking for.

Need a bite to eat? As you might expect, there are a number of seafood restaurants with the freshest fish and oysters. If you are looking for something a bit more traditional then feel free to stop into one of the many Italian or Asian restaurants across Port Stephens. Grab a bite, sit back, and enjoy Port Stephens!

This article was written on behalf of the One Mile Beach Holiday Park a Port Stephens Accommodation provider.

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