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Vagabond Backpacking Gear List

Vagabond Backpacking Gear List

EVASER BACKPACK / 5 liter capacity / 25+ items

Modified for specialty vagabonding use. Ultra minimal pack consisting of all pertinent RTW travel essentials for survival and maximum mobility. -waterproof, insulated, reinforced, RFID shielded, daypack functional + flashpacking oriented…

CARGO DUFFLE / 25 liter capacity / 45+ items

The smallest version of the greatest travel duffle bag ever created. Consists of typical living and backpacking gear such as clothing, toiletries, gadgets and footwear. -water resistant, custom security measures, tranforms into a backpack…

MONEY CLIP / 2 ounce capacity / 15+ items

100% carbon fiber for 3 cards, documents and cash. Used as a wallet substitute. -light & durable, RFID shielded, no metals, minimal…

Full vagabonding gear list…

About the author

-Vagabond, editor and founder of  EVASER. Find on Facebook, follow via Twitter or view his personal site.

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