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VIDEO : Ultrafast Backpacking Around the World in 10 Days

A short, fast paced and inspirational video of and by Casey Neistat traveling the world in an exhilarating 4:38 minutes.

You may have already clicked play because of the bikini clad girls of the video screenshot but may be turned off by the first moments as it seems like a Nike ad… Well it is, sort of, but it isn’t. Okay, technically it is an ad, but the best possible kind of ad – it doesn’t even try to sell you anything. Film maker and producer Casey Neistat was hired by Nike to make an ad for the Fuelband bracelet and was given a budget to work with. But instead he decided to travel around the world with Nike’s money until it ran out – it took 10 days. There’s a lot of Tom Cruise like running, jumping, changing climates, a visit to the shipwrecked Costa Concordia and some nice surprises in a journey that looks like it took 10 times more time than 10 days time to film.

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