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Travel Volunteering in Australia

Travel Volunteering in Australia

If you want to make a difference this year and volunteer then consider Australia as an option. There are plenty of different volunteering opportunities in lots of different interest areas, available at amazing locations around the country. So whether you want to give something back on your next holiday or spend 6 months volunteering, book a trip to Australia and you will have an experience of a lifetime.

If you aren’t completely sure what you want to do as a volunteer then why not go to National Volunteer week, which is held from the 13th to the 19th May in Adelaide. You can wander round different stalls and meet a wide range of volunteering organisations. If you can’t make this event then here are a few different types of volunteering you can do down under.

In many cases you can search for flights on Cheapflights.com.au but sometimes you may find that an organisation may help out financially with travel.


Those who really care about the environment and are dedicated to conservation will find many opportunities in Australia to volunteer. You can get involved in projects such as habitat restoration, tree planting and wildlife protection. You don’t really need any special skills or experience for these projects, just an interest in conserving the planet, a good level of fitness and the desire to work hard for a good cause.

Some conservation projects involve looking and climate change and working on projects that will help protect the environment. You might also be required to help restore damaged wildlife and habitats following natural disasters.


Volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary is the perfect way to see the native Australian wildlife. You will learn so much and be able to get up close with the animals; it’s any animal lovers dream. You can get involved with wildlife and nature conservation where you will play a part in protecting the environment where the animals you love live. This can make a real difference to their survival and help endangered species to thrive.

Most of these experiences last between 2 to 6 weeks but there are some opportunities to stay longer. If you are a big fan of Koalas, Kangaroos and wallabies then you can volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary on Kangaroo Island in Southern Australia. There are also opportunities to work at the Australian Zoo in Queensland, home of the crocodile hunter. This will give you an insight into what it’s like to be a zookeeper and work with animals on daily basis.

If you want to work closely with pets such as cats and dogs and a range of other Australian wildlife then consider applying for a position at the RSPCA Australia.

Disaster Relief & Emergency Response

Unfortunately natural disasters in certain parts of Australia are common, from bushfires and earthquakes to storms, floods and landslides. All of these events have a big impact on the people, animals and natural environment. The Australian Red Cross are always seeking volunteers to help them attend to natural disasters and respond to emergencies.

Working with them will enable you to help vulnerable people, build on your first aid skills and learn to work as part of a team. The Australian Red Cross have lots of opportunities all around the country. There are also a few other organisations who require volunteers for disaster relief and emergency response.


Those who are thinking of becoming a teacher or simply enjoy teaching others new skills will find education volunteering very rewarding. Teaching opportunities include mentoring young kids, helping someone to learn a language or encouraging someone to learn a new skill. You can also get involved in teaching by working at a summer camp where you can work with kids and help them to learn a wide range of new skills, from arts and crafts to sports. There are lots of places in Australia that require school assistants and people to help with outdoor education.


If sport is your passion then where better to volunteer than Australia, a passionate sporting nation. There are lots of opportunities to volunteer in sport at sports clubs, events and kids camps. There are some opportunities to volunteer for a day at a sports event, such as charity golf days and or helping out as an Ironman volunteer at a prestigious sports race.

If you are looking for something a bit longer then try contacting some of the smaller sports clubs in Australia. There are also events that last a bit longer such as Bike Week in Brisbane. If you love football then there are quite a few clubs wanting volunteers, such as Richmond soccer club where you can help out with coaching, admin and marketing.

Do something extraordinary on your next trip to Australia and help change lives. Book 2013 flights to Australia now and enjoy a rewarding experience you will never forget. Apply for a volunteering position today, you will be glad you did.

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