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Wat Po Temple, Bangkok, Thailand

-Photo by EVASER

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-Vagabond, editor and founder of  EVASER. Find on Facebook, follow via Twitter or view his personal site.

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2 Comments on “WAT PO TEMPLE : PHOTO

  • Me and my boyfriend have the places in Thailand that you want to visit in your mind but they are getting difficulty in thinking about planning the right route to visit all of them rather than likely to one devote Thailand after which traveling for age range to visit our next place age range off to them most likely return on ourselves once we just have no idea what is near where and everything. As you can tell we actually need assistance with someone who has traveled to those places that’s prepared to allow us to with the perfect route and perhaps how the easiest method to reach these places with seeing because Thailand but economical also…

    The places and points of interest that you want to do and visit is

    Bangcock (impossibly bejewelled grand structure, Wat Arun, Wat Po and Khao Mike)


    Chiang Mai

    Koh Phucket

    Ko Samui (Hat Chaweng and Hat Lamai)

    Ko Si Chang


    Koh Phi Phi

    Hin Da Eng

    Kanchanaburi province

    You want to visit each one of these places and therefore are giving ourselves three several weeks to acomplish this (Are we able to do that?? )

    All Of The locations that we’ve put here’s because whenever we did our research fundamental essentials the best places to go e.g … scuba diving.. amazing beaches.. tiger temple… elephant rides.. temples.. cave adventures.. beautiful waterfalls and delightful scenery … When we have our information right anyway otherwise can anybody allow us to within the right direction of what to do of these.. we simply want for the greatest from Thailand as begin to see the best places we are able to and experience around we are able to (clearly lol )

    So any information into how to start our route and the easiest method to reach these places so as of travel then please all of your details are useful…. We are traveling around the 20th of Feb as well as don’t mind not remaining in classy hotels to reduce budget and don’t mind refusing to eat plush food constantly therefore if anybody can provide us a tough guide quantity of how much cash you believe we’ll both need each to reside easily but budget..

    I understand i’m asking allot here but even when you realize the response to one small question please answer as just of knowledge helps :-) thank you for reading through men and that i anticipate hearing your solutions.. xx

  • I am likely to be in Bangkok in The month of january and searching for a place to remain in. I have been doing lots of reading through but simply appear to become getting good confused. Can someone assist me. I am thinking about seeing the sights of Bangkok a lot more than heading out hanging out.

    Here’s my arrange for the 2 days.

    Arrive during the night.

    Morning 1 – Temples (The Grand Structure, Emerlad Bhudda, Wat Po, Wat Arun, Wat Phea Koen)

    Mid-day 1 (Thai massge, sleep, maybe museum)

    Evening 1 (go go bar or show)

    Morning 2 (Cooking class)

    Mid-day 2 (River cruise)

    Evening 2 (Thai boxing)

    Morning 3 Fly out.

    So according to this could someone advise a good destination?

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