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Why A Staycation Can Save Your Sanity

Why A Staycation Can Save Your Sanity

Sometime in 2007 to 2010, a new social phenomenon was born and people were fast to catch on to this new ‘trend’ called STAYCATION.

It is a newly coined word for staying at home or somewhere near one’s residence, perhaps taking a day trip or two at nearby places of interest, in lieu of the traditional destination vacation.

Recession or not, staycations are easily becoming the favorite option of people who want to de-stress. If you’re already going crazy with all the pressures of the daily grind, here are a few good reasons why you should jump on the staycation bandwagon:

It’s relaxing and easy to plan.

Going on a staycation psyches your mind in the same way that it does if you go on a vacation abroad.

Planning a staycation is almost effortless. All you have to think about is a.) Whether to spend it at home or at a hotel b.)What activities you want to do and c.) What your budget is.  You get to save yourself from the arduous task of fixing schedules, booking flights, setting daily itineraries, worrying about baggage restrictions, and yes, packing!

You can stay in your pajamas the entire day and go on a DVD marathon. Want a staycation with the family? You can pump the inflatable pool and enjoy an evening barbecue with your loved ones. If you want to spend your staycation outside of your house, try checking into one of the best hotels in your city and make use of their many amenities.

Staycations save you time and money.

With staycations, there’s no more spending precious minutes standing in queue at the airport, or wasting a day’s worth of your trip getting lost in a foreign city. And since planning one is relatively easy too, you can put a staycation itinerary together, go supply shopping, get your overnight bag ready, and round-up friends and family in less than 24 hours!

And of course, staycations cause less ‘damage’ to your already decreasing household budget. You probably won’t get to take home an interesting souvenir from ancient ruins in Mexico, or get a golden tan from sunbathing in Bali. But, you do get to save thousands of dollars from not needing to pay for airfare, exorbitantly priced accommodations, or expensive tour packages.

Local hotels or attractions also usually offer special promos monthly (some even daily!) that you can always take advantage of.

After your staycation, you’ll see just how much time and money you actually saved, and realize that you’ve had the same amount of fun and relaxation too!

It lets you know and appreciate your locality.

How many times have you driven past that local theme park? When did you last spend some time at the local beach? If you find yourself answering ‘countless’ and ‘I can’t even remember’, then a staycation is definitely in order.

We usually think that going to local attractions is not ‘cool’, and that it seems too ‘ordinary’ to check them out for vacation. Staycations let you explore the wonders that your town or city has to offer, and allows you to gain a better understanding of your community.

Truth is, you don’t need to spend thousands to give your mind, body, and soul some much-needed therapy from stress. You don’t have to go nuts worrying about how you can save up for an Asian getaway.

You can just take a staycation to stay sane, and still get to tuck away some cash for other important expenses.

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About the author

Christine Amos is a work-from-home writer who specializes in travel, parenting, and party planning topics. She loves going on staycations, and finding locally-made wedding favors.

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