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Why Solo Travel Is Just What You Need

Why Solo Travel Is Just What You Need

You may be thinking of all the reasons why venturing off on holiday alone is a bad idea. Such as won’t it be too expensive? or; ‘what if I get lonely’.

The experience may one be well worth going for, if only once. So you can tick it off your bucket list and venture to your dream destination safe in the knowledge though you may be on your own, you are not alone.

Indulge Yourself

Though you may think it would be more expensive to travel on your own, increasingly the travel industry is recognising that a growing percentage of holiday makers want to jet off alone. The Office of National Statistics reports a third of UK households are now inhabited by one person, and across the holiday industry bookings for single persons are up 10%.

Gone are the days of outrageous single room charges. Besides if you have worked hard, you deserve it! When you are alone you can break the bank a bit and know that it’s all for you.

Do What You Want

Some of us don’t want to be on the sun lounger by 8AM. Anyone who has been on a group holiday will know how frustrating it can be when you don’t get to do what you want. Now is the chance for you to just let loose and climb that mountain, see that exhibition or just relax at the beach. Being on your own gives you back the power to do just what you want.

Solo Backpacker

Solo Backpacker

Find Yourself

As you get older it gets harder just to find that little bit of time for yourself. We forget who we really are and can become defined by friends, family, relationships and the job. So a bit of “you” time may be just the tonic for reconnecting with yourself.

And I don’t necessarily mean yoga and Buddhist meditation. A quiet afternoon by the beach or a good book can help us to reconnect again and feel rested as we holiday away from the stress and strain of everyday life.


When you’re alone there’s no need to indulge in unnecessary conversation, or be drawn into social platitudes that you could do without! If you want company you can certainly seek it out; there should be fellow travellers like yourself and interesting locals aplenty if you feel like indulging in a bit of light banter. But imagine no deadlines and no nagging kids! Just you, the sea, the sun… and a jug of sangria.

You can make your holiday as relaxing or as relentlessly frantic as you want to.

Be sure to do your research into the local area before you leave and let friends and family know exactly where it is you’ll be staying. Remember if the solitude gets too much you can always pick up the phone and call home.

Be sure that ‘going on holiday alone’ is well and truly ticked off on your bucket list!

Where would you say is the best place to go on holiday for your first solo vacation?

Michael Muttiah is a professional writer for Hotelopia and intrepid explorer. When not chained to his laptop he can be found hiking in the wilderness whistling the Indiana Jones theme tune.

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