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Why You Should Decide To Start A New Life Abroad Before You Really Think About It

Why You Should Decide To Start A New Life Abroad Before You Really Think About It

If you are ever given the chance to move abroad then the most sensible thing to do would to be to say that you need time to think about it. You would then look to sleep on it for a few nights, work out the finances on a spreadsheet and maybe even give your pension fund a little thought.

Well, when I got the chance to go to Spain to live and work a few years ago I made the decision before I did any of these things. I hadn’t lost my mind and I don’t regret what I did. In fact, I would recommend that anyone else in the same situation does the same and makes their mind up before they even really think about it.

Trust Your Instincts

Whenever you are faced with a huge decision in your life your instincts will immediately let you know what you should do. The problem is that if you don’t listen to them right away then you might let things like common sense, fear of the unknown and other annoying factors get in the way. If you get the chance to move abroad and your immediate reaction is, “I would love to do that”, then you should do it.

That sounds incredibly simple and if I am being honest I think that it is. It is only when you start to overcomplicate this issue that it begins to become more complex than it really needs to be.

It Isn’t As Difficult As You Think

How will you learn the language? How will you make friends abroad? What will you do with all of your stuff? Where will your budgie live? I could sit here for hours and type up a worryingly long list of things you need to do which would give you a stomach ulcer just reading it. I won’t though because ultimately it doesn’t matter.

There isn’t a single aspect of your move to a foreign country which is anywhere near as difficult as you might fear. You will learn the language and make friends because this is the natural thing to do and what everyone else does when they move to a different country. You can get professional removals services from the UK to Spain or wherever else you plan to go to. I don’t know about the budgie but maybe you’ve got an aunt who could take him in?

The point is that if you look at it in a positive light you will see that moving abroad is a huge adventure but that it is also easier than it seems.

People Will Try and Put You Off

If you don’t make your mind up quickly then I can guarantee you that other people will try and put you off the idea. I remember when I said that I was going to quit my job and move to Spain, loads of family members, friends and work colleagues tried to convince me that I had lost my mind.

One guy I worked with came up to me with a really worried look on his face and said, “Have you thought about your pension at all?”, I was 25 at the time and no, I hadn’t thought about my pension. If I had harboured any doubts at that point the barrage of negative comments that usually arise when any big life changing point might have put me off the idea forever.

However, if you are sure of what you are doing then it doesn’t matter what anyone else says to you. The decision will already have been taken and a new life in a foreign country will be waiting for you.

Gem Wilson is a writer who believes that you should follow your instinct if you want to start a new life somewhere else. Many removals services from the UK to Spain are available to help you to relocate to improve your life choices.

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