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DESTINATION : World Trade Center Towers – PRE 911

DESTINATION : World Trade Center Towers – PRE 911

The World Trade Center Consisted of 7 Towers With its Own Zipcode, 10048.
Although this Lower Manhattan complex was less than 30 years old before its September 11, 2001 destruction, it was and still is a New York icon. On the same level as the Empire State Building, Central Park and even the Statue of Liberty. The North & South Tower skyscrapers (Twin Towers) were the most notable of the 7, both at a height of over 1,350 feet with 110 stories – the tallest buildings in the world until 1973. Merely standing in front of these 2 towers looking straight up in amazement would have been worth the trip, but despite the fact that most of the interiors were not open to the public, the few areas that were public were breathtaking. The ‘Top of the World Trade Center Observatories’ was a major tourist destination which was located only in the South Tower on the 107th and 110th floors for some of the best views the world had to offer. In the North Tower, there were several restaurants located on the 106th and 107th floors with ‘Windows on the World’ being the most well known. Even the lobbies of both towers are marvelous.

-coordinates: 40°42′42″N, 74°00′45″W

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