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The World’s 5 Most Desirable Cities To Travel And Live In For 2014

Should you be choosing to move home at some point during the coming year, the reasons for this may be many and varied. Some of us are looking to move because we need more space, or perhaps due to being a long distance from local shopping areas or access to public transport has been a right royal pain.

Whatever the reasons , the one common denominator would have to be because we all want to reside in a nice friendly area which is chock full of atmosphere with great places to go and hang out in every once in a while.

But if you happen to be one of a select few for whom money is no object, you will no doubt want to consider looking further afield in 2014 and with this list which has been compiled based on current levels of desirability and surefire trendiness, you may well have already found your new manor.

Courbevoie (Paris)

Travel and Live in Courbevoie, Paris, France

Travel and Live in Courbevoie, Paris, France

Paris boasts three major areas, which vary in terms of atmosphere, but this district is located just 5.1 miles from the city center and has been classed as one the best parts of Paris to live in. Here one can enjoy a flamboyant Parisian lifestyle in one of the skyscraper apartments that overlook the city of love. Wine and dine in one of the many Michelin star restaurants or take a walk round one of the little parks that make Courbevoie the perfect retreat from the madness of downtown Paris.

Gangnam  (Seoul)

Travel and Live in Gangnam, Seoul, Korea

Travel and Live in Gangnam, Seoul, Korea

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the Himalayas these past few months, you will be familiar with the word Gangnam. The city who’s ‘style’ has been danced all over the world thanks to singing sensation ‘Psy’, has actually been an exclusive part of Seoul, South Korea for some years with its land value totaling 10% of the country overall. It also allows for trendy teens to mix with the high-flyers and rich playboys of the district.

Lake Como (Lombardy)

Travel and Live in Lake Como, Italy

Travel and Live in Lake Como, Italy

Situated in Northern Italy, not too far from nearby fashion capital Milan, the magnificent Lake Como offers the perfect vantage point for anyone looking to explore the best of the picturesque Italian mountain area. As well as having appeared in recent films such as Casino Royale and part of the Bourne Trilogy, Lake Como is also home to many celebrities including George Clooney and Brad Pitt who own exclusive lakeside residences there. Aside from the movie connection, you are blessed with outstanding views, idyllic cleanliness and a relaxed way of life that could rival Monaco as the top European destination for the rich and powerful.

Manhattan (New York)

Travel and Live in Manhattan, New York, USA

Travel and Live in Manhattan, New York, USA

What more can be said about this great city on the east coast of the USA? Being the commercial, economic, and cultural heart of New York City, you would expect it to be also one of the globe’s largest, but alas no. Despite its world renowned status, Manhattan is the smallest of New York’s five boroughs but accounts for that by also being it’s most densely populated. This is the borough where the rich, the powerful and the beautiful people of New York reside. The fashionistas, the investment bankers and the sports stars live side by side in their plush Manhattan apartments paying rent that would cripple the rest of us, but anyone who’s anyone wants to live there!

Monte Carlo (Monaco)

Travel and Live in Monte Carlo, Monaco,

Travel and Live in Monte Carlo, Monaco

The Rolling Stones once used this as their playground back in the early 70’s and since then more and more rock stars have flocked here every year and it’s a no brainer as to why. With its stunning views, laid back lifestyle, Monte Carlo offers delights for all ages, all year round with glorious sunshine, great food and glitzy nightlife. Being virtually crime-free as well, Monte Carlo is an exceptionally desirable place to live. Once you’ve been here, you’ll struggle to believe that there could be anywhere better.
Don’t forget that all of the above cities are of the utmost quality in terms of getting what you pay for, but then the prospective buyer will therefore also need a bank balance to match, so the key is to find a postcode nearby which still has the traits of these neighborhoods, but won’t leave you penniless in the long run.

A trip to your local estate agent to ask for brochures for affordable areas overseas would be a good place to start and would give you an advantage over those who search online which doesn’t always list the best and less promoted areas and for good reason in your case.


Come up trumps here and before you know it, the song ‘Wherever I Lay my hat, that’s my home’ will be the most played track on your I-Pod.

Do you live near one of these desirable postcodes?


Ryan Colley – Blogger, article writer and also creator of stories long and short. Previous experience includes being a member of the Writers Bureau as well as having various articles published on sports related websites.  He writes for White Pages


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