A Holiday That’s Less About Travel and More About Relaxation

A Holiday That’s Less About Travel and More About Relaxation


Seeing different places around the world is exciting and when you go somewhere that’s off the beaten track, it can be challenging too.

There are times as a backpacker that you feel everything is a hassle and nothing is easy to organize, but it is worth it for the amazing things that you get to see and do which most people only ever dream about.

However, there’s a danger if you do a lot of traveling that you feel an obligation to see everything and do everything when you go to a new city or country. But sometimes, traveling for the sake of it can seem more like hard work than rest and relaxation, especially when you’ve got a busy and stressful job that you’ve only got a week or two’s break from.
So, every once in a while, it’s nice to take a break from real traveling and just go on holiday instead. And where better to do that than one of the many different holiday resorts you’ll find around the Mediterranean?
Take for example, Psaladi in Kos, Greece. One of the hotels there is the Kiprioritis Panorama and Suites, and if you stay there, in theory you could opt to not move from the hotel during your entire stay; there’s so much that’s going on and so many great facilities.
If you do want to see some of the locality, you’re only 200m from the beach and Kos Town is just 3km away. On site, there’s Kipriotis Aqualand, a water park with six waterslides and different aqua spray games. You can play tennis, do aerobics, play beach volleyball and go scuba diving. Indoors, there’s a soft play area for the kids and a gym and indoor pool. There’s also a spa with massage and sauna facilities. Added to this is an all-exclusive deal so you don’t even have to think about where you’re going for dinner.
There are other Panorama hotels in other locations around the Med – including Rhodes, Agia Pelagia, Rethymnon, and Pollensa. Check out the deals available at Jet2holidays.com – Panorama.
This kind of holiday isn’t the kind of thing you’d want to do all the time – it could begin to feel a little same-y, but every now and then it could be just what you need to recharge your batteries.


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3 Comments on “A Holiday That’s Less About Travel and More About Relaxation

  • Hi,

    I’ve resigned from an very demanding job, and that i have 2 days freed for any quick holiday to p-stress, unwind and relax before beginning my job.

    I am thinking about:

    Asia (maybe Vietnam?)



    Interesting cheap travel – bus/train

    whitened sandy beaches, turquoise water

    Finances are around AUD2000

    Was considering Malaysia, now thinking Vietnam, considered Indonesia, however i guess my thoughts is simply too stressed to consider clearly and come to a decision. :)

    I you will need to leave around the 18th This summer….

    Thanks ahead of time to anybody prepared to help.


  • Our “base” is going to be Amsterdam (we’ve family there) same goes with most likely spend about five days there, ideally we wish to go to the following nations excluding holland, germany, romania, a holiday in greece, poultry, we’ve not made the decision around the time put in each country, is that this possible and realistic? What’s the best economical method of doing it, etc. Trains, plane tickets, etc. any suggestions and advice is going to be appreciated. Oh we from Nigeria,thanks.

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