Best Travel Destination Cities in Europe

Best Travel Destination Cities in Europe

Europe has fascinating historical sights, natural expanses, scientific mysteries, scenic wonders and entertainment and events that make for notable vacations in a wide variety of cities and towns.

Since Europe is a continent made up of 50 countries, the best way to see Europe is to divide it mentally into the following areas: Scandinavia, Alpine, Benelux, Mediterranean, East Europe and Britain.

The following are the best travel destinations in Europe are based on historical significance, art, fashion, music, beaches, scenic splendour and natural wonders.

A visit to Berlin takes you to the historic Berlin Wall. The city is also known for its museums. It is also a centre for art and culture.

Pompeii is an awesome holiday resort on the Bay of Naples and houses a residential town founded by legendary Hercules. Here, one can view the Mount Vesuvius active volcano.

Blue Mosque, Istanbul + Backpacking

Blue Mosque, Istanbul + Backpacking

Istanbul has cultural heritage, awesome scenic spots and great bazaars.

Madrid showcases the Spanish culture, bull fights, flamenco, museums, delicious tapas and local wines.

Copenhagen has famous canals, castles, parks and gardens, antiques shops and flea markets. It is a great vacation choice for urban adventurers.

Zurich offers awesome views and a breath of fresh air. It has elegant historical churches, museums, cobbled streets and a vibrant nightlife.

In summer it offers swimming and hiking. St. Petersburg – Russia’s “the window to the West” – has great ambience, tsars` palaces for exploration and a vibrant cultural atmosphere.

Amsterdam has canals, fine restaurants, flower gardens and is a romantic place for getaways.

Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik + Backpacking

Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik + Backpacking

Reykjavik is a place where nature rules – with its volcanoes, landscapes, active geysers, classic fjord views, healing geothermal waters and Europe’s largest waterfall.

Vienna has a breath taking splendour, scenic landscape and a culture for fashion and arts.

Budapest is made special with the Danube River and is perfect for a boat ride. It is called “the Paris of the East” and is intriguing and exotic with its thermal baths and a thrilling nightlife.

Lisbon has a great weather, a seven hill view point, gothic cathedrals and quaint shops.

Florence is the birthplace of Italian Renaissance and has art and historical significance.

London is a cosmopolitan hub and home to the Queen. It has a marvellous historical appeal, awesome castles, great nightlife and a natural splendour.

Edinburgh is a scenic city near London and Plymouth in England has a great maritime heritage.

Colosseum, Rome + Backpacking

Colosseum, Rome + Backpacking

Rome is an ancient city and today is the centre for Catholics. It has awesome architecture and an elegant lifestyle.

Paris is the art and fashion city of the world and is also known as the City of Love. Their main attractions include the Eiffel Tower, the Basilica and the Louvre museum.

From the Spain destinations (the Danish term is Spanien destinationer) Barcelona has a salubrious effect, temperate climate and is also known for its Architecture.

Barcelona also has a good military museum showcasing Spanish military history. Istanbul is famous for its historical cities and underground formations.

Venice + Backpacking

Venice + Backpacking

Prague has amazing architecture and beauty in its buildings plus a great natural environment.

Venice is the city of waterways and museums and has a breath taking beauty. Venice is also known as the city for romance.

You can also book cheap trips for Greece (in Danish Billige rejser til Grækenland) where you can experience beautiful nature and amazing summer resorts.

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