Flight Card iPhone App for BackpackingFlight Card
Just like the real boarding passes that you keep looking at the moments before your flight clenched in your hands, this iPhone backpacking app displays the details elegantly.
$4.99+ | download

Convertbot iPhone App for BackpackingConvertbot
If your a backpacker, this app must be downloaded. Beautifully designed to convert anything efficiently and easily. Perfect for converting currency rates and other things.
$1.99+ | download

SAS Survival Guide iPhone App for BackpackingSAS Survival Guide
The iPhone app version of the wildly popular official SAS survival guide book. This very handy backpacking travel app is the best survival manual app available on the iPhone.
$5.99+ | download

City Maps 2 Go iPhone App for BackpackingCityMaps2Go
Not as robust as Google Maps but this backpacking map app does not require an internet connection. Just when you need to download any of the 7,000 maps worldwide when you want it.
$.99+ | download

Onavo iPhone App for BackpackingONAVO
An app that can really save you real money while using AT&T data overseas while backpacking. Can increase internet usage by 80% therefore saving you that much money.
FREE | download

Hostelworld iPhone App for BackpackingHostelworld
Forget looking frantically for internet cafes while backpacking to book hostels, get this Hostelworld.com app for free to use just like their website.
FREE | iTunes

Living Earth iPhone App for BackpackingLiving Earth
A super realistic earth globe in your iPhone with real-time cloud coverage that tells the world time and weather in an intuitive and beautiful way perfect for travel.
$.99 | download

FlightBoard iPhone App for BackpackingFlightBoard
You know those Arrivals and Departures boards that all backpackers rely on at airports? Now you can have one in your iPhone that works, looks and updates like the real thing.
$3.99 | download

My TSA iPhone App for BackpackingMy TSA
Everyone likes the TSA just about as much as they like the IRS but we still need to deal with them at American airports. This app makes it slightly less annoying to fly.
FREE | download

MoneyBook iPhone App for BackpackingMoneyBook
Backpacking is synonymous with budget travel and financial budgeting is a key element of it. This iPhone app is user-friendly and elegantly designed to make that easy.
$2.99 | download

QuickPix iPhone App for BackpackingQuickPix
Even the iPhone 4S takes a few seconds to load the camera a snap a shot, but the Kodak moment could be gone by then. This ultra fast loading camera app could help in those cases.
$1.99 | download

Google Translate iPhone App for BackpackingGoogle Translate
Forget those bulky language translation and phrase books. Get this free but awesome app from Google. Available for 30 languages for all your backpacking travel destinations.
FREE | download

KAYAK Mobile iPhone App for BackpackingKAYAK Mobile
Arguably the single best place on the internet to get cheap flights all over the world. This official app is so well made and works perfectly its a joy to use.
FREE | download

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