GEAR : Multination Travel Adapter

A reliable and compact international electrical adapter is almost as important to a flashpacker as their favorite gear it powers.

There are countless international travel adapters available that are made for specific countries as well as all-in-one worldwide versions in varying prices and quality. The REI Multination Travel Adpapter is the best choice for a true round the world (not as useful for single country trips) trip for flashpacking and backpacking alike. The Multination Travel Adapter cleverly transforms from the 4 most commonly used plug configurations usable in more than 175 countries. Unlike many other similar adapters, this has a handy 6A fuse overload protector which comes in handy when using electrical plugs in questionable and unstable sources, because you never know where you’ll be. Along with a very good level of construction, this adapter even feels premium due to the thermoplastic rubber coating which adds grip.

-BUY THIS FOR $24.50 +/-


  • kiara taylor Says

    i am visiting europe in a few days and also the input on my small charger is 100-240 volts so would i want a travel adapter or perhaps a transformer. Have they got individuals in 3 prong plugs. incidentally basically purchase one of individuals does it fry my computer.

  • Mandy Says

    This is exactly what I didnt’t know existed but need, lol.

  • 8-bits of awesome Says

    I will Canada there they merely have 110V AC Shops, my phone’s charger, however, is just suited to 220-240V within the Philippines, well, i require a travel adapter. Will the travel adapter be sufficient to provide the present and also have a longer charging time so this multination adaptor should be perfect.

  • Margery Degarmo Says

    If im purchasing 500$ price of gear and obtain an REI membership simultaneously will the tenPercent credit for that gear be relevant to my membership account?

  • Sergio Says

    I’m really directly into technology, and wish to understand what devices everyone like. *Bear in mind I’m a male*

  • Seth Says

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