Top Floor, Seoul Tower, Seoul, South Korea

-Photo by EVASER


  • Amie Scott Says

    I believed about Seoul Tower however with this weather the restaurant may be closed because of fog. Where are a handful of other foreign friendly places I possibly could take my date?

  • 1 dl Says

    Without needing thermocoul

  • Holly L Says

    Monsoon season, I understand XD Please recommend me places to visit ^^ I’ve all of the classics lower like Myeong-dong, Namdaemun, Namsan Park, Dongdaemun Market, Seoul Tower, Cheonggyecheon Stream, Gwangbokgung Structure.. etc.

  • Mistry Says

    I want date ideas.

    My boyfriend’s Korean-American.

  • nothin_nyce1 Says

    Therefore it is made the decision … i’m going to Seoul… I am 33 yrs old and will also be investing ten to fifteen days in Korea towards finish of August. I would like some assistance concerning the below plz:

    1. Site seeing: Do you know the sites i ought to have behind me inside a picture of my facebook profile ?

    2. Clubbing, bars: How can i go and revel in some drinks and nice ambiance ?

    3.Safety concerns: Could it be a harmful city ? thievery ? pick pocket? must i stress about being lost on the street of Seoul ?

    4. Women : I am more into taking pleasure in ten days having a same girl and a great relation together with her afterwards than pursuing strip bars and purchase some fake company… Any tips how to overcome a Korean girl ? I am Mediterranean, within my culture we’re very aggressive within our approach …I am seriously worried i’m able to seem a rude person !

    5. Food: Mmm do you know the 5 dishes i mustn’t miss ?

    interesting help,

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