Finding Free Wi-Fi At Airports

The Longer You Backpack Around the World, the Better Your Senses Get at Getting Directions, Finding Bargains and Free Wi-Fi. You may have noticed how you often see people with laptops in obscure and seemingly random locations sitting on the floor at airports, and you might have thought they were crazy. Well those laptop users are doing one of two things; 1) charging their gadget at an electrical outlet on the wall that’s typically used for the airport staff (not one of those grouped outlets for customers) or 2) feeding off a paid lounge area’s Wi-Fi because that obscure but public location is leaking internet. They often do not require a pass code so you can connect since you need to be part of a premium club or membership. But hopefully your at an airport where they offer free Wi-Fi to everyone.

-Photo by EVASER

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  • Mariam Says

    Lately in an airport terminal i desired the web and so i got my laptop and located a network known as ‘Free Public Wi-fi’ and so i linked to it thinking it had been free however i understand the amount of a fool i had been.

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