Vagabonding Uluwatu, Bali

DESTINATION : Uluwatu, Bali

Located way South in Bali, “The Island of the Gods”, of Indonesia. Other than the enchanting views, Uluwatu is known for the cliff hanging – monkey inhabited temple, some of the best beaches in Bali (which is saying a lot!) as well as some of the best surfing in the world. This is truly backpacking heaven for the soul and wallet. If your in Indonesia, theres no reason you should skip Bali, which means theres no reason to not get intentionally lost in Uluwatu. -Photo by Didiz Rushdi

-coordinates: 8° 49′ 60 S, 115° 4′ 60 E

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  • Abby Says

    Been there. It gave me a new appreciation for beauty. One that I never even thought was possible.

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  • Jaime Rodriguez Says

    Or were they unlike Vietnam who accomplished it? I understand that apparently Sukarno did not wish to turn to violence but did Indonesia achieve this anyway?

  • Melisa Klenke Says

    I am thinking about flying Garuda between Melbourne and Indonesia in This summer. What’s Garuda like about this A330 service? Do you know the seats, entertainment, food, service and reliability like? How friendly would be the FAs? It may sound as if their worldwide services are a little safer than their domestic, anyway. Thanks.

  • Abbey Spencer Says

    I’m planning a holiday in indonesia, just curious to just how much budget could be. I’m not particular with remaining in a fancy hotel. A affordable resort while watching beach with surf could be preferred. I’m not particular about food either. I wish to begin to see the sights too.

    Im considering remaining 7-ten days. What area must i try looking in to? just how much would lodging and food be? and just how will i reach Indonesia from Jakarta airport terminal? I’m searching for an inexpensive trip, i do not intend to invest in souvenirs. Every other information could be greatly appreciated.

  • Kelli Shanklin Says

    Hi! My pal and that i are intending a holiday in Jakarta, Bangkok, Indonesia and hopefully some Thailand beaches in November and December. Does anybody know cheap air carriers or any other methods for getting between Indonesia and Thailand? We’re able to move from Indonesia to Bangkok or among the Thai beaches making our way look out onto Bangkok–available to any advice!

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