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5 Tips For Backpacking Travel on a Budget For Beginners

Backpacking is one of the best ways to travel and see the world. It can also be one of the least expensive ways to go. Backpackers of all ages can stay at hostels everywhere these days and carrying a backpack saves on those ridiculous airline baggage check fees.

Many people often don’t follow this dream as they will let money worries tie you down. Whether you are trekking through the wilderness or traveling through fascinating cities, you can backpack on a budget without sacrificing the quality of adventure.

Below are five tips to keep costs down and stay within your budget.

Tip 1. Shop at a consignment store for your gear and clothing.

Good quality backpacking gear can take a beating and still be in good shape. Really good deals can be found at your local recycled gear shop and buying used is good for the environment. You also have the option of re-selling the gear again after your trip so do a little research and find a good store near you that sells used gear and save money without skimping on quality.

Tip 2. Pack light. Be sure to take things that serve more than one purpose.

For example, multi-tools can save space and are cheaper than buying all the tools separately. Also, look for clothing that can do double duty such as pants that zip off to be shorts. When saving money, traveling in winter is more difficult as there is a greater need to keep warm day and night, but if you must, take garments that serve more than one purpose. Summer travel is generally easiest and cheapest. It can help keep you within the budget and less desperate for extra clothes and blankets.

Tip 3. If you are planning several trips through national forests, purchase a recreation pass.

These passes will cost you around 60 dollars for a year but you will easily recoup that cost if you go to 3 or 4 parks. This will get you through at a discount rather than buying one pass at a time. Check with the forest service of the state you are visiting or the local agencies of your destination.

Tip 4. Go with a group and split the tab.

Everyone can carpool to sights, or pitch in for meals and rooms. There are several websites dedicated to setting up groups with others who have the same interests and even sleeping on people’s couches if you don’t know anyone in the area ( Of course, remember safety rules and when possible, stick with a group you’re familiar with. Along with the group idea, many people will be more than willing to help out visitors. Friends and relatives of people in the group may be a free meal or a night’s stay. Networking pays off when backpacking.

Tip 5. Take clothes you can wash yourself and save on Laundromat costs.

Travel stores offer clothing that can be easily hand washed and will air dry in a matter of hours. Also, clothing that is made of a water-repellent material can work really well as it will stay cleaner longer.

With these tips your backpacking adventure can be amazing and within budget. Let us know in the comments if you have any additional tips you would suggest.

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