Study Abroad in South America

4 Amazing Places to Study Abroad in South America

Students looking to study abroad and learn Spanish at the same time should definitely consider the many countries of South America. The unique continent can be an affordable place to live and learn and is quite close to the United States. Along with inexpensive accommodations, meals and nightlife, South America also offers a great climate, fun local population and great scenery.

If you are thinking about studying abroad consider these four amazing destinations in South America:


Study Abroad in Lima, Peru, South America
Peru is an ideal place for students to set off on a study abroad adventure. The country has a unique blend of colonial history and architecture as well as a rich heritage thanks to the Inca people who called Peru their home. The country also has a great relationship with the United States which is a benefit for students coming from America. There are many fascinating historical landmarks and ancient ruins around the country to explore. Most international students will end up in the capital city of Lima where there are several large universities.


Study Abroad in Santiago, Chile
This unique destination ranges significantly in terrain and climate depending on where in the country you are. The thin ribbon of land stretches North to South along much of the Western coast of South America. The country boasts archeological ruins and breathtaking natural scenery. The two major cities are Santiago de Chile and Concepcion, both of which boast multiple large universities that host students from around the world. These modern cities boast shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and other conveniences but include the added culture of South America.


Study Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina
This is the perfect place for college students to get a taste of local culture and heritage which brushing up on Spanish. The large size means that it is possible to be in the desert, the mountains, a tropical beach or even a dense jungle all within a few days time. Buenos Aires is the large capital city that boasts contemporary architecture, a liberal population, convenient public transportation for students, incredible wine and a large expatriate community for those looking to learn the language.


Study Abroad in Rio, Brazil
Unlike most other countries in South America, the people of Brazil speak Portuguese. This means that many students study in Brazil to master the native tongue. Aside from language, the country has a lot to offer students studying abroad. Brazil has a fascinating and vibrant culture as well as a pleasant climate. Enjoy some of the world’s best beaches along the coast as well as dense tropical rainforests in the interior of the country. Most visitors know about Rio de Janeiro because of the infamous Carnival celebrations each year, but many students will end up in the capital city of Brasilia thanks to the large number of universities and language schools located within the city.

Deciding to study abroad as a college student can be a serious decision. Give some thought to each of these amazing destinations in South America before making your final choice.

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  • Tnia Monteiro Says

    I’ve studied in Rio, hard to focus on such a party city but was awesome.

  • EvilRanger Says

    It appears such as the outdoors walls are simply smooth concrete. In america, it certainly is wood, stucco, siding, as well as other protector. I had been really interested in this. I am searching at Google maps street view from the coast of Italia in Savona. I have seen this in other nations. I believe it’s beautiful however it appears such as the fresh paint is definitely peeling also it is not protected against the salty air.

  • right Says

    Well, Allows see….. I understand that

    Peru is renowned for its once great Incan Cultures

    South america is renowned for its forests and parties and stuff

    Chile has among the greatest (otherwise the greatest) per capita in South Usa

  • koaorpa Says

    4 Amazing Places to Study Abroad in South America | EVASERâ„¢ Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

  • Mark M Says

    I’m presently a fourth year university student specialising in Anthropology in a top College (among the top ten in america), and that i take some advice regarding my plans for after college.

    I have not been great with school. I’d frequently make C’s, periodic B’s and barely any A’s. This really is because of a mix of poor time-management, insufficient motivation, and so forth. Sadly, these trends still continue today. I simply moved to some top College having a 2. GPA this past year, but a few of these trends continue, and that i will admit, I do not seem like I have attempted with enough contentration to interrupt individuals habits. Despite the fact that I have been seen as intelligent person by my peers as well as by instructors whose classes I did not do too well in, I’m able to never appear to exhibit it academically.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I wish to have an education, and that i love to understand (presuming it’s inside a subject I am thinking about), but a mix of these improper habits…along with a deep hate to do homework will always be my undoing if this involves a’s and b’s and overall GPA. My Anthropology classes are very interesting, and my major GPA is hanging on the 3., but when i stated formerly, my overall GPA is flat-out mediocre, and that i (in addition to my parents) are worried with graduation and locating a job later on, particularly in a area that is not too high in employment market. My everyone has always had belief within me, however i seem like they are fully aware I’m not the very best student they need me to become, and I have always disappointed them previously.

    For other abilities, I’ve held 4 jobs since 2008, and every one of which i’ve displayed an excellent work ethic. I have received good reviews by companies, and I have acquired some valuable abilities from their store for example knowing and understanding theatre technology (tech crew), retail, converting, speaking in public, as well as welding. Also, I’m fluent in The spanish language (I’m Latino) and French, and I am presently learning Brazilian Portuguese, and I am wishing to begin on Italian soon (though that won’t be for some time). I’ve investigated jobs I’m able to get into after graduation, but I don’t know basically may even be looked at because of my GPA, which freaks me out, to become quite honest.

    I’ve had others in high, respectable positions that appear to put a little an excessive amount of belief within me for future years, and also have constantly provided to be certainly one of my references for future job searches. A few of these people I understand personally operate in respectable positions varying from professors to dental practitioners to doctors, and I’ve come across them as heroines again and again.

    Understanding that the likelihood of locating a job as college graduate having a low overall GPA inside a liberal-arts area are extremely slim, cheap I merely Like to travel and immerse myself inside a different culture, I have been searching to review abroad in a variety of regions (Europe, Canada, South Usa and Asia) once i graduate. Furthermore a few of the benefits look attractive, I seem like this is often a fantastic way to stand out on my small resume basically ever decide to try to get employment (or possibly graduate school) in the U . s . States.

    I’ve spoken to my folks relating to this, plus they appear encouraging of my decision, despite the fact that I’ll be moving overseas for a few years. Frankly, the idea of teaching British abroad is becoming a lot more of something I can tell myself doing after graduation. I have annually left (I’ll be a fifth year senior, sadly), and that i do intend on taking TEFL (or similar) classes for certification.

    Despite the fact that I’ve got a year left, I still goal to fix my improper habits which have been prevalent within my GPA for any very very long time now, and do whatever I’m able to to complete as strongly as you possibly can. I’ve told my parents and myself when I can not look for a job that will permit me to aid myself when I graduate, then teaching British abroad is going to be things i is going to do, and that i would absolutely like to do it, regardless. I understand I am not the cleverest guy (clearly), however i goal to create high standards personally and also to convince myself yet others that i’m able to be just like worthy like a 4. student.

    I am sorry for that rant. Exactly what do you think about my plans after graduation? Any advice or words of comfort? Thanks :)

  • Motordom Says

    I must be aware of individuals South Usa make a living.

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