VIDEO : TheEnRoute’s Backpacking Around the World – Year 1

This RTW travel video may make some feel jealous, envious, excited – it will make everyone inspired to go backpacking or at the very least, feel deep nostalgia from a past journey. Artur Linkor is a German backpacker who’s been traveling solo around the world since 2011 and this just released video is his first year. It is an admirably edited compilation of a total of 70 hours of footage, across 18 countries and spanning 127,348 kilometers.

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  • Ysiana Jimenez Says

    hi just wondering what these places are just like solo backpacking,

  • Patsy Herring Says

    I am very thinking about the subject and plan to create a solo backpacking journey before lengthy.

  • Zack Faria Says

    I’m going backpacking through Scotland for a few months. I need to carry my Camera and lenses. I need it for at least 2 larger cameras and filters and lenses. I would love to just have it attached to my backpack or be part of the pack. Any suggestions?

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