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How to See Paris on a Budget

Paris is one of the world’s oldest and most famous cities and one of the pre-eminent tourist destinations. It is probably a city that is on most people’s ‘places to see before they die’ list and it is visited year round by hordes of visitors from abroad.

It is also, therefore, one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world and not somewhere you would think of when planning a budget travel trip. However, it is possible to see Paris on a budget if you plan well in advance of your visit and research budget places to eat, drink and sightsee as well as of course finding the best budget accommodation.

Backpackers at the Eiffel Tower, Paris

Backpackers at the Eiffel Tower, Paris

Indeed accommodation will be your biggest expense in Paris. As with most of the famous cities of the world the hotels in Paris can be extremely expensive and will be full to capacity most of the year, so booking ahead and looking out for bargains is your aim. The first place to look is at the various Paris hostels you can find dotted around the city – many of which are very high quality for quite a decent price.

But if you don’t fancy going the hostel route your best bet is to rent your own apartment in the center of the city. This sounds like it could be expensive but in reality a basic one or two bedroom flat somewhere a couple of stops out on the metro wont break the bank – indeed will probably be half the price of a hotel room and will offer the ability to cook your own meals too. Do some research online and you’ll find hundreds of sites dedicated to cheap apartment rents in Paris.

Finally, if you absolutely must have a hotel room then consider one a little way out of the city – a short subway ride in the morning and evening will bring you into the center but the prices will be much, much cheaper.

Walking Tour of Paris

Walking Tour of Paris

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Your next biggest expense is of course eating. Paris has some of the finest restaurants and cafes in the world but they don’t come cheap. That’s why apartments are the best bet, allowing you to cook your own food. But to go to Paris and not try the food at all would be criminal.

Consequently you should keep your eye out for anywhere with the word ‘traiteur’ in the window. These are little places that will sell you ready made and cooked meals that are better than your own home cooking and at a relatively cheap price. Similarly you can find gourmet ready made meals in all of the grand old department stores such as Au Printemps and Galleries Lafayette with their wonderful food halls.

Best of all though are the numerous crepe trucks dotted throughout the city which offer brilliant (and cheap) snacks to keep you going throughout the day. Savory crepes such as ham and cheese and sweet crepes (chocolate of course) are an absolute must on any visit to Paris.


Lastly, it is possible to see a great many of the Paris highlights without spending too much money as well. All of the major tourism destinations are either very cheap or free. So, if you aim to take in the following sites during your stay, you will find you can do so without spending any money: the Latin Quarter, Montmartre, Sacre Coeur, the gorgeous Luxembourg Garden, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre (free on the 1st Sunday of every month), walking along the banks of the Seine, the Arc du Triomphe, the Champs Elysee and of course the Eiffel Tower. Some of the most famous sites of the most beautiful city on earth – all for free!

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  • Opal Morrill Says

    So my girlfriend and that i are going to Paris this summer time, but we wish to spend in way of budget backpacking. Does anybody have suggestions about the way we is going about carrying this out? I am just interested in the way we should reach Normandy from Paris, where we ought to stay, when we should rent a vehicle, that which you concept, etc. We’re on a bit of a financial budget, but less than “cent pinchers.” Paris is so expensive.

  • Tia Zuehlke Says

    I am likely to Paris In This summer the very first time and I am just trying to work through transport from CDG towards the hotel.

    Your accommodation reserved is


    68 Rue Des Martyrs

    PARIS FR 75009

    I’m wondering what the easiest method to get there’s? I’ll be coming in Paris at 9pm and want to get towards the hotel before 12.

    I am considering obtaining a taxi and can this be very costly? Or perhaps a shuttle however should i book that ahead of time?

    In Addition, I think I’ll be obtaining the metro to get at points of interest it is possible to pass I’m able to use for three days instead of having to pay for tickets every day?

    Also any ideas how warm it will likely be?

    And finally any MUST see places? (except eiffel tower, arc p triomphe, lourve & moulin rouge)

    A lot of questions! Attempting to prepare yourself to don’t end up being lost and take full advantage of my stick with your budget I’ve.


    Just wondering…anybody understand how to say hot cocoa and tea in french? My mother loves her tea and that i love my chocolate!

  • Elyn Patchman Says

    Im likely to Europe in This summer, I fly to london, then I wish to see Paris (Maybe barcelona), Florence, Rome, Venice, Munich/Berlin, Amsterdam then to London. I’ve to date seen these options: Contiki, Top-deck, Busabout, Ryan air (and fly everywhere), Eurail. What’s the smartest choice? Benefits and drawbacks? Im on the small budget and will also be remaining at hikers, will I must prebook accommodation as ill be there in look season? Your help could be greatly appreciated!!! Also knowing how you can discover how lengthy it assumes a train/bus back and forth from these locations that might be great!!!

  • Patty Guest Says

    This summer time me and my boyfriend would love to visit europe by Interail beginning at the outset of September and investing about 3 days travelling. We reside in the United kingdom and are curious about buying either the £289 22 day continuous rail pass or even the ten days within 22 days pass for £229. We’re both students and thus would ideally wish to spend about £800 pounds (each) around the trip covering everything including accommodation, food, and activities or up to and including more £1000. When it comes to accommodation we’re planning to make use of hostels although are prepared to camping if strongly recommended. When it comes to the way we live we’re searching to self-look after ourselves with periodic goodies for example eating at restaurants from time to time taking pleasure in a few of the evening existence and going to as much as the sights as possible afford.

    The path we’re searching at covering follows:

    Berlin (4 days) – either fly to in the United kingdom or add paris towards the journey and employ a evening train to get at Berlin

    Prague (three days)

    Krakow (2-three days) Body day spent going to Auchwitz

    Budapest (1-2) days – Stopover and go to the famous baths

    Slovenia (4 days) Body day in Ljubljana, eventually going to Bled, Eventually going to Lake Bohinj and Mount Vogel, eventually going to the caves at Postojna

    Croatia (4 days) – a couple of days dubrovnik, 2days traveling lower possibly preventing in Split or taking an over evening ferry from Rijeka

    We’re not sure set up recommended periods of time in every place are extremely lengthy or short to see the places. You want to experience around we are able to but simultaneously benefit from the places. Initally i was searching to incorporate Paris after which Amsterdam before Berlin but thought this might stretch the price and time? What is your opinion? Also i was wondering when the route might be better backwards when it comes to weather?

    Since you may have the ability to tell this will be our very first time travelling Europe although we’ve visited parts of the european union before. We’re searching for any suggestions and suggest that might be appropriate as well as any extra or alternative items to see on the way


  • Carrie Major Says

    So my girlfriend and that i are going to Paris this summer time, but we wish to spend a few days touring the D-day sites in Normandy too. Does anybody have suggestions about the way we is going about carrying this out? I am just interested in the way we should reach Normandy from Paris, where we ought to stay, when we should rent a vehicle, that which you concept, etc. We’re on a bit of a financial budget, but less than “cent pinchers.” Any information really helps since we’re both very first time site visitors. Thanks ahead of time!

  • Amie Wolken Says

    Could anybody produce suggestions about travelling Europe having a budget close to £700 in August? I am from London and I must see most tourist points of interest,,I have visited Paris before and so i don’t really should visit again.if at all possible I must do all of it by train. How lengthy would I have the ability to choose about this budget?

    Thank you for any help!

    Your budget might be elevated to £800-£850..

  • RichT Says

    I’m traveling to visit my boyfriend in Paris, France this summer time in This summer–towards the finish of August. I’m very flexible using the dates and occasions I fly (any, essentially). Any tips about how to obtain the least expensive flight possible could be great! Any recommendations on visiting Paris, France would be also appreciated. :)

  • Kevin Says

    When the Department of Condition found the cash to help keep a marine-detachment protecting ambassador in Paris (that has been peaceful for many years), why don’t you in Libya, in which a civil war just ended and also the remains from the losing side hate our guts for supporting the winning side?

  • SteveO Says

    I am a 20 years old girl from Hong Kong. I am likely to visit France not less than 3 days in summer time. I intend to visit a number of different places, with Provence as my focus, but I’ll fly to Paris first and visit Giverny. I do not drive, so I’m going to depend on trains and buses, or my very own ft.

    I already intend to purchase the Rail Europe train pass, and can most likely reside in 2-star (or below) hotels or youth hostels.

    The other ways exist to save cash on my small trip?

    To explain: the train pass I am speaking about may be the France pass.

    Company, I have visited Paris two times before, and that’s why I am mainly going to other areas this time around.

    And Snowman, just links!

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