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It’s Not The End That Counts, It’s How You Get There! Road Tripping Travel…

Setting off on the open road is something everyone secretly wants to do. Whether your desire is to journey through the encapsulating mountainous peaks of Switzerland or down the never-ending highways of the Deep South, everyone has their specific road trip in mind.

If you want that life changing journey but the possibilities seem endless, let this article influence your decision.

Big Sur, California – USA

Big Sur, California - Road Tripping Travel

Big Sur, California – Road Tripping Travel

The well-known American highway ‘Route 1′ stretches along the length of the state of California. One part of the journey that always has high praise is Big Sur where it’s definitely beneficial to just stop and take in the breath-taking views of the Pacific Ocean and the striking cliffs that blend effortlessly into the surroundings.

The Blues Highway – USA

The Blues Highway, USA - Road Tripping Travel

The Blues Highway, USA – Road Tripping Travel

If you’re a fan of the Blues there can be no better road trip than the Highway 61 – the Blues highway. The trip starts in Memphis and finishes in Vicksburg. Along the way you’ll find some soulful blues clubs that have been playing live Blues since the day the genre materialised around the end of the 19th century. Another element of the trip that will compete for your affection is the world famous BBQ joints that are considered some of the best in the world. Experiencing both these localities will transform the road trip from a trip, to a life changing journey.

Scottish Highlands – Scotland

Scottish Highlands, Scotland - Road Tripping Travel

Scottish Highlands, Scotland – Road Tripping Travel

Every rural road in Scotland is seemingly made for a road trip. The high mountainous views make it impossible to keep your eye on the tarmac. Your journey could take you through the winding roads of Glen Coe nearing the highest peak of Great Britain – Ben Nevis. Where you could take an eight hour stroll up and down if driving through this beautiful scenery is too quick to take in.

Romantic Road – Germany

Romanic Road, Germany - Road Tripping Travel

Romanic Road, Germany – Road Tripping Travel

This medieval road trip through Germany was once a prosperous trading route and it now personifies an era of German history. This route passes a variety of different picturesque villages, gothic cathedrals and historic buildings that make this trip one to remember.

Mille Miglia – Italy

Mille Miglia, Italy - Road Tripping Travel

Mille Miglia, Italy – Road Tripping Travel

This route was planned by two Italian motor sport enthusiasts in 1927. These Italians wanted to set up an endurance race through the heart of Italy. The race was eventually banned in 1957 due to some fatal crashes. However the 1000 mile route gained popularity in later years as a tourist route, allowing drivers to witness the tantalising views of northern Italy.

Whether your perfect road trip involves Campervan hire or the hiring of a convertible Ford Mustang, make sure you pick the route that’s right for you.

Ben Joddrell is always embarking on road trips with friends and tends to opt for Campervan Hire as campervans offer all of the ammenities that they need for their whole trip.

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    Do you know the pros & cons of both?

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  • Jerosh Nagulachandran Says

    I’d love to take a journey through America, I do not actually want to choose the sights it’s much more of a celebration with the US I would like, I’d have to hang about until I am 21 for that consuming age but I wish to know where are the most useful places to visit I may wish to visit the type of places like in the video of party in the united states and remove it do I am likely to reckon that individuals would be the southern states but I am unsure

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