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New Zealand’s Best-Kept Travel Secrets

Is there a country that offers more of a travelling paradox than New Zealand?

In terms of surface area, it’s a pretty small couple of islands, but it’s so diverse in terms of what it offers its visitors that you feel like you could spend years there and never see everything there is to see!

One of the greatest pleasures of travelling is the flexibility you have to get off the beaten track and find those fantasy out-of-the-way spots that nobody else knows about. New Zealand has these in abundance with everything from wide open farming plains and spectacular mountain ranges to cool green forests and sun-kissed coastal retreats.

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Milford Sound, New Zealand

New Zealand has rivers, lakes and waterfalls in abundance, and tourists flock in their droves to sail on them. One of the best secluded areas to get your nautical fix away from everyone else is Doubtful Sound, a fjord down the road from the more famous but much smaller Milford Sound.

Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers, New Zealand

Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers, New Zealand

For an unforgettable demonstration of the contrasting sides of nature, check out the Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers on the South Island, which have cut through rainforest over millions of years to dramatic effect. A lake, which was formerly a hill until it was levelled and drilled into the ground by mining companies.

Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

For hiking, kayaking and biking, there are few better places than the Marlborough Sounds in the northeast of the island – with multiple trails, accommodation options and fantastic weather, get in touch with Mother Nature under your own steam and at your own pace.

Trans Alpine Train, New Zealand Backpacking

Trans-Alpine, New Zealand

If you’re a train enthusiast, no trip to New Zealand would be complete without a trip on the Trans-Alpine, a twice-daily journey which goes through the Canterbury plains, up through Arthur’s Pass and through the Southern Alps. The train has a special viewing car so you won’t miss one bit of dazzling scenery.

Culinary aficionados will get a kick out of the unusual food and drink offered at the annual Wild Foods Festival, which takes place every March in the town of Hokitika – from worm sushi to genuine moonshine, this place has it all!

New Zealand flights are available from a variety of UK airlines. The earlier you book, the cheaper they will be. With so much to see and do throughout New Zealand, though, you might have a job working out when to catch your return flight!

Caroline Holloway enjoys discovering new off the bitten track destinations especially when it comes to beautiful countries like New Zealand. She still gets amazed how many destinations are hidden away from an average tourist.

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  • jag43216 Says

    In Nz, does anybody determine if 16year olds are permitted to purchase tobacco items, although not actual tobacco? I have to buy filters and papers and im wondering basically can simply have them in a dairy without ID.


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    My pal is wanting to go to either Nz or Australia and live and work there for some time. He’s no clue about the entire process of acquiring a visa or anything of this character. Anybody understand what the operation is he ought to be dealing with at this time?

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    As i am planning to get settle down in new Zealand. So i just wanted to see the benefits which i have already got the info, just what left was in which countries i can visit without any visas required.

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