3 Awesome Destinations For Adventurous Thrill-Seekers

3 Awesome Destinations For Adventurous Thrill-Seekers

Knowing where to visit to enjoy an adventurous thrill or two is a bit like belonging to a secret club.

You’re either part of the gang, or you’re standing on the outside wondering what all the fuss is about.

Well, the secret to enjoying a fantastic holiday with more adrenaline than a twenty gallon barrel full of Red Bull, is to know where to head to get in on the fun.

Choosing the perfect location is key to getting the most out of your holiday. Around the world there are plenty of places that will guarantee a host of activities to take part in throughout the year, and booking a trip to any one of these destinations is a recipe for success. So, choose your favourites, grab your name-brand adventure gear and head off on a few fun-packed adventure tours that you’ll never forget.

Whistler, Canada

Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb

Anyone who’s ever fancied hurtling down the wooded slopes of Canadian mountains, or skied through the same slopes in winter has heard of Whistler in the province of British Columbia. It’s one of the World’s most popular outdoor playgrounds, mostly thanks to the variety of sports you can take part in. If you head to the Blackcomb area you’ll be treated to an impressive array of ski runs that total over 200 routes, 3 glaciers, 16 mountain bowls and three times as many ski lifts. And if you wait for summer to arrive, then the same trails open up for intrepid cyclists as well. But you don’t have to limit yourself to fast downhill runs if you want to opt in for some other experiences that avoid the mountains altogether. Choose from high energy high wires or a spot of white water canoeing to keep you on your toes.

Northern Italy

Via Ferrata, Dolomites

Via Ferrata, Dolomites

Heading to the north of Italy will guarantee an adventure of a lifetime, regardless of the sport you prefer, because the terrain here is suitable for everything from two wheels to fibreglass hulls. The Via Ferrata in the Italian Dolomite range is only for climbers with a real head for heights, while the Bardonecchia region offers a host of runs that are great for skiing in winter, and forms part of the World Mountain Biking championship runs in the summer. The Sanremo Downhill track is not for the faint-hearted – in fact, you have to be made of steel just to qualify as a spectator on this run – and offers 2000km of fast trails that lead down to the Ligurian coastline.


Snowmobiling in Glacier City, Alaska

Snowmobiling in Glacier City, Alaska

If you want to stand out from the hardcore crowd, then you’ll need to consider ditching your two wheels or two skis, and swapping them for a kayak and a snowmobile, because that’s how the adventurous prefer to travel in the Alaskan outback. Don’t misunderstand, during summer there are plenty of opportunities to cycle and walk in the southern region, but the further north you go in Alaska the more remote you become, and the landscape here turns into the perfect playground for winter off-road enthusiasts. Don’t limit yourself to doughnut burnout on the bobsled or satisfy yourself with a whip or a cliffhanger on a snowmobile. Here you can indulge in activities like ice-fishing and igloo building as well. They may not be quite as adrenaline packed, but as far as activity holidays go they’ll certainly provide some fun alternatives for your whole group.

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  • I’m likely to go snow-boarding to whistler in the 18th towards the 21st (april), where must i go whistler mountain or blackcomb?

    bear in mind that mountain shuts april the 24th, to ensure that may be bad, while blackcomb shuts the 25th of may, but mountain might be better? which is much more professional, which has more snow more cold? what’s best in my family and that i


  • When is the greatest time for you to visit Whistler Blackcomb to snowboard and bike within the same trip?

    yes appreciate the autumn and spring answer lol however i wasn’t confident that there have been only a couple of days in which the best bike areas are open while you will find still lots of snow slopes open and more

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