How Tourists Get Around Town: Modes Of Transportation

How Tourists Get Around Town: Modes Of Transportation

When consumers book their vacations they tend to focus on book flights and accommodation. Most people neglect small details such as transport expenses.

Tourists who are unaware of their options often choose the easiest mode of transportation. Unfortunately, this is usually the most expensive choice. Those who know how to get around town will be able to pick an affordable transport option that gets them to their destination in a reasonable amount of time.

Take a Shuttle Bus

A shuttle bus is a bus which takes tourists from one specific location to another. For example, it may depart the airport and drop its customers off in the city. Shuttle buses are ideal for those who want affordable transport to and from the airport. As most airports are located far away from the city center, taxis can be quite expensive. A shuttle bus is often less than half the price of a cab fare.

Hire a Driver for a Day

In developing countries, hiring a driver is often cheaper than hiring a car. Tourists will find that they can hire a driver for under $20 a day in countries like Thailand, India, Cambodia and Vietnam. The driver will pick the tourists up, take them wherever they want to go and drop them off at the end of the day.

Rent a Car

Renting a car is a good option for those who want the freedom to come and go at their own pace. As hiring a vehicle is often costly, it is important to shop around. Consumers should ensure that there is insurance on their rental car.


Those who are staying in the city center may be able to walk to tourist attractions. Some cities are extremely walkable. However, this is generally not an option if one is visiting a very large city.

Taking a Cab

Taking a cab is generally the easiest way of getting from one location to another. Unfortunately, taxi fares are pricey.  People who are traveling in the US, Australia, Europe, the UK and New Zealand will find that taxi rides can cost anywhere from $5 to a few hundred dollars. Due to this, it is better to explore more affordable option. It is worth noting that taxi fares in developing countries are very reasonable.

Using Public Transport

The average traveler balks at the idea of using public transport. This is because travelers have the notion that public transport in foreign countries is difficult to use. While this may be true in some countries, many countries have affordable, safe systems which are easy to navigate. An example of this is Singapore. Travelers can get around Singapore for under $5 per journey. As the country speaks English, tourists will have no trouble using the system. Some tourism authorities even offer tourists free public transport systems. In Australia, there are free city bus services for vacationers.

Getting around in a foreign country can sometimes be a frustrating experience. Travelers who know which mode of transport they intend to use can research routes and prices before their trip. This will save them time and money.

Mary Cooper is a content writer who recently relocated to Vancouver. When she arrived in Vancouver, she realized the difficulties faced by tourists in trying to move around the city. That was when she decided to start writing informative articles about airport car rental in Vancouver.

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